Sunday, November 19, 2006

Iranian Refugees in Moscow

I read about the heart wrenching plight of this family on Ardeshir Dolat's weblog. Watching the video of the mother describing the plight of the family is even more disturbing. I curse every day those who have reduced the children of Cyrus to such misery. I have no first hand knowledge of this family. My information comes from Ardeshir Dolat's weblog and the video on youtube. However I do believe that we owe much of our misery to our proximity with the Russians.

When I travel through East Europe, I can still sense the hatred the people of East Europe feel towards the Russians. We too, have much justification to despise the Russians. Ever since their ambitions to reach warm waters of the Persian Gulf, we have suffered from their interference and meddling in our affairs.

It was the Russians who tore away large chunks of Iranian territory from the Greater Iran.
It was Colonel Liakhov, the Russian commander of the Iranian Cossak brigade, along with other Russian officers, who set the artillary fire against the newly formed Iranian parliament. It was the Russians that attempted to quash the constitution and abolish parliamentary government in Iran. It was the Russians that invaded Iran during the WWII and then wanted to tear away Azaerbijan from Iran. It was their puppet Tudeh Party and their co-operation with the clerics in Iran that helped bring about the theocracy in 1979, and ever since then, they have been the biggest supporter of the Islamic Republic. Even when the Islamic Republic turned on the Tudeh Party, the Soviets ignored the plight of their long time lackeys and turned the other way.

So many of our best sons and daughters were tricked by the promise of a Soviet Euthopia, and lost their lives for nothing. Even those Iranian allies of the Soviet politbeaureu who fled to the Soviet Union, suffered enormously at the hands of those who they had once served with such loyalty.

Yet despite all the Russian support for the Islamic Republic, we Iranian ex-pats, never stage demonstrations outside the Russian embassies. Perhaps this heart wrenching video of this Iranian family will remind us of all the misery we have suffered, at the hands of our northern neighbours. Russians have never understood humanity and human rights, no matter who they have in power.


Anonymous said...

سرنوشت اين مادر و فرزندانش نمونه ای است از دردهايی که روزانه پيکر زخمديدة ايرانيان را خميده تر می کند، نمونه ای از داستانهای غم انگيزی است که برای خانوادة بزرگ ايرانيان روی می دهد
آذرمهر به خوبی به تاريخ ما و روسيه، همساية پست و بی شرم شمالی ما، اشاره کرده است. همسايه ای که ناروا با خرس مقايسه می شود. خرس حيوان شريفی است که تنها در صورت گرسنگی و يا در زمان احساس خطر دست به حمله می زند، اما روسيه عقربی را می ماند که ذات او نيش زدن و از بين بردن است. اين روسيه آنقدر پست و زبون است که در پشتيبانی از آدمخواران فاشيست جمهوری اسلامی کوچکترين مکثی نکرده است و نخواهد کرد. البته حکومتی که رئيس جمهور آن از ماموران ک.گ.ب است انتظاری ديگر نمی رود. حکومتی که آزادی های شهروندان خود را زير پا می گذارد و حقوق بشر را سرکوب می کند بايد هم که پيمان خواهرخواندگی با آخوندهای پليد ببندد. آيا ما براستی انتظار داريم که پوتين، افسر پيشين ک.گ.ب. از دموکراسی در ايران پشتيبانی کند

داريوش کبير در دعای خود در تخت جمشيد از اهورامزدا چنين می خواهد
خداوندا، اين کشور را از شر دشمن ـ خشکسالی ـ از دروغ محفوظ بدار

امروز دشمن مردم ايران همان روسيه و چين هستند، و دروغ منظوری نيست جز آخوند

Anonymous said...

Read More Here

Aryamehr said...

I've got an entry up on them and am spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

Russians are the root of all evil in the world.

Anonymous said...

Russia is poison!!