Friday, April 24, 2009

The Blunder with Israeli Orange Handouts

Following the hand out of cash in envelopes to journalists and free potato handouts to potential voters by Ahmadinejad's election camp, the efforts to buy votes with more hand outs was intensified to help re-elect Ahmadinejad.

In another freebies for votes stunt, Ahmadinejad's camp announced free orange handouts to people when he was due to hold an election rally in the poor district of Islamshahr. Of course the stunt worked and as predicted, large throngs who would not miss the opportunity of getting fresh juicy oranges for free, turned up. There was however one problem. The oranges were Israeli oranges with obvious 'Jaffa' labels still on them!

So shortly after President Ahmadinejad using the platform handed to him on a plate by the UN summit to recruit extremist and militant minds in the Middle East, the self styled champion of the oppressed Palestinian people was handing out Israeli oranges for the rent a crowd mob.

Who could have written a funnier script than that?


Anonymous said...

Excellent... I hope he paid a lot to get them..Nir

Winston said...


Anonymous said...

دست انگلیسی ها در کار بوده
پرتقال را می خواسته ایم از چین وارد کنیم، اما چینی ها پرتقال های اسرائیل را در کارتن چینی به ما دادند

Anonymous said...

lol I couldn't help but laugh at this

this has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I mean I've heard of trying to entice voters, but this...this is just low

Kourosh K said...

I wish all these handouts were at least for the Iranian people only, the ayatolahs in Iran in the last 30 years have given cash, free oil, hospitals, schools, scholarships, social welfare and free everything else to Sudan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, hezbollah, hamas, Syria and the Iranian people have missed out on all the oil windfall.

barmakid said...

This is more interesting than it seems. One has to ask: How did these oranges make it to Iran? Are the Israelis trading with the I.R.I.? Hmm... someone put Christiana Amanpour on this story.

And Haa-meed, why is this "low?" Is it "low" because they are Israeli oranges? (Which would make no sense to call it "low." Hilarious, yes. But low?) Or are you that much of a schmuck to call it "low" that Iranians can be enticed to gather for oranges? If they're coming out for oranges and potatoes than it speaks volumes about their economic situation - and there is nothing "ridiculous or "low" about poverty . Plus, are you shallow enough to really think an orange can change someone's mind?

We do things like this in the United States at campaign events across the country. We offer free food and entertainment not "to buy" people's votes, but to get them out to listen to the candidate. This is how it works.

In one country it may be free potatoes and oranges, in another it may be live music and pizza... get it?


Anonymous said...

See also:

Azarmehr said...


Once again you miss the crucial point and the irony of the situation here in comparing free Israeli oranges handed out at Ahmadinejad's rallies to the free pizzas Hussein Obama gave you to get your vote.
Hussein Obama after all hasn't just come back from a UN summit condemning Italians and then hand out Italian Pizzas in his rallies, but in case you didn't see it in the news or didn't read it in this blog, Ahmadinejad is only just back from a UN Summit where he turned the whole summit into an anti-Israeli speech.

;)) Thought I have a go at you here to make up for the rare nicety I showed towards you earlier :)

Mehrtash said...

Think about it, a government that displays anti-Israel views, rallies for the Palestinians, and supressess the Iranian people from gaining strength...Yet somehow manages to obtain Israeli produce to bribe the people into voting...

Is it not obvious that there is more than one country's government in this world that is helping Iran be the third world country that it is?

Anonymous said...

In Ham As kar hayeh Asghar Ooladi eh Tazeh Mosalman shodeh - yahoodieh e sabegh - va Shah-Tajer ereh Baazar faaalie e Iran aast.

saggezard said...

استغفر الله, Kosher oranges consumed by followers of "Pure Muhammadan Islam", what next, how about six packs of Budweiser beer for Friday's Prayer attendees.

Anonymous said...

yochanan of lgf says

this is rolling on the floor laughing my ass off funny.

the short shit passing out zionist oranges i bet they did not read the label lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for killing my joke Barmarkid.

Not only was it a joke but it had nothing to do with anything in that wall of pointless pyschobabble you call a comment.

Where do you get off assuming that I was making any reference to poverty or Israeli oranges, or think that I'm "shallow" enough to believe someone will ACTUALLY "change their mind" about someone over free gifts? I'm completely aware of that thanks for the speech.

I wasn't even thinking of those things you mentioned, nor did I care to mention them. Why are you trying to be high and mighty by saying things like "there's nothing ridiculous and low about poverty" blah blah blah. Again thanks for mentioning something that I'm aware of, but you mentioning that over a little comment is unnecessary.

I'm not even going to get into it with you, and I prefer not to. said...

This another handi work of Habibollah Asgaroladi - the yahoodi e Tazeh mosalmoon shodeh - The riches man in Iran - and the head of the bazar mafia.

barmakid said...

I'm not here to entertain your "jokes" haameed. And if that was supposed to be a joke, you have to be the least funniest douche in the history of comedy.

And a note to all who let their disgust for the IRI cloud their perception: THIS IS NOT A BRIBE; IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BRIBERY.

If you guys want to fool yourselves, that's fine - but passing out oranges or potatoes DOES NOT QUALIFY AS A BRIBE. And if you truly believe people can be bribed with oranges, then you're an idiot.


p.s. Azarmehr, do you really think I missed the irony? It was funny (as I mentioned) and I got over it. Thus, your "go" at me was futile as usual - but whatever makes you feel better :))

Anonymous said...

barmakiri, get a life

Bahramerad said...

The mexican Grass is high grade this year --- Bar-Man Kirie - Potatoes, Oranges, Soups, Aash, Polou, shaam e khairieh, Naz'rie.brown envolpe stuffed with money ...etc are ALL bribes you dick head Grassed up you ass stuffed asshole Obama lover.
You must be have been on cloud cuckoo land again ... B.H. Kirie

Anonymous said...

Barmakiri is one of those who out of shame for their parent's blinded support of the Islamic revolution swears that the Ayatollahs turn poop into gold.

barmakid said...

Haha... yes, I am one of "those." Whatever anonymous (i.e. Winston) said.

In fact, I am one of those who even though my entire family would fall under the category of the mostazafin, not one of them supported or supports the revolution. My grandfather worked at the whim of the British in the Abadani oil fields and when one day the British decided they no longer wanted the Iranian field workers he was divested of a job - and the dignity of life. Forced to move to Kuwait, leaving his wife and six children behind, he began a life of "doing somebody else's laundry and taking care of somebody else's kids," as President Obama says, in order to feed his own children. Resigned to a life of second class status in his own country and in Kuwait, my grandfather never faltered in his support for the monarch - not once.

My father's beliefs would be very similar to that of Azarmehr's. And even though my father recognizes that the monarch's days are over, he still recounts to me how when he was working in an airplane assembly factory in Shiraz the Shah came to visit. He tells me, with a stinging sense of nostalgia and trying to fight off his tears, that the Shah stood right above him, checking to see the quality of his work.

I know the context of my life and who's accomplishments and failures I represent. Do you?

I am not shallow enough to gratuitously bash Islam and Muslims, even though I am not Islamic. I don't rejoice when the Islamic Republic displays its hypocrisy and injustice because I already knew they were both hypocritical and unjust. I don't call the greatest leader the world has seen in the 21st century Haji Hussein Obama in a denigrating manner just because of the name he was given.

That's what you guys do, and ultimately, that is why you are insignificant. So if you want to make stupid statements and then call it a "joke" like haameed did, that's fine. If you enjoy denigrating the religion of your compatriots, that's fine. But don't for a second think you guys are part of the solution, for you are all part of the problem - just in a different guise.

Be Salamat,

Anonymous said...

Good job, you've established no point aside from calling me the world's least funniest douchebag.

You destroy your own credibility when you insult people. Which is probably why no one here takes you seriously.

Then again ignorance will do that to a person.Is there anything else you'd like to say to make your epeen grow any larger?

barmakid said...

First of all, my last post was not aimed at you, but I'm glad to see you read my work.

Secondly, aren't you insulting me now? I would say it destroys your credibility too, but you can't really destroy something you never had.

No one takes me seriously yet you take the time to respond... your intellect is low-caliber buddy, and so is your ability to make a joke. But your ability to be a joke, now that's top-notch. Your parents must have been comedians.


Azarmehr said...


How does a comment like 'your parents must have been comedians' show any high intellectual calibre?

Name me one instance when in fact you have shown to have a high intellectual calibre?

Inoculate128 said...

According to this atory in Fake 'Israeli citrus fruit' sold in Iran, that fruit bearing the "Jaffa Sweetie" labels was actually Chinese counterfeit stuff.

Azarmehr said...


There are several justifications and excuses the Iranian government is persuing, fake oranges is just one avenue. The whole thing being a Zionist overthrow attempt is another.

Whatever the reason for Israeli labeled oranges it shows the incompetence of Ahmadinejad camp who did not twig on the oranges had Israeli labels before handing them out as freebies during the election rally in Islamshahr.

Mehrtash said...

"saggezard said...

استغفر الله, Kosher oranges consumed by followers of "Pure Muhammadan Islam", what next, how about six packs of Budweiser beer for Friday's Prayer attendees."

LOL! My learned friend, did you not already know? The mullahs have their own brewery in the basement, ready to drink for Friday prayers...

Barmakid - Sometimes you speak such truth, but it is a shame that you waste it with personal attacks. I too agree with you - I am not anti-Islam/Muslim, nor am I a muslim myself; and that I can recognise when the IRI act in hypocrisy and fail to abide by the Islamic laws they so fervently argue to follow.

Furthermore, oranges act as a good enough bribe themselves, given that Iran is in serious poverty; in fact, it was reported that in Iran at least fourteen million Iranians live below the poverty line. Inflation rates are reaching thirty percent, which makes it one of the highest rates in the world; poverty had increased, from 18 to 19 percent, between the first and second year of President Ahmadinejad’s administration. With such facts and figures, oranges count for a lot.

(See “One in Five Iranians Destitute”, 4 August, 2008, at; and
Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, “Has Poverty Increased in Iran Under Ahmadinejad?”, The Brooking Institute, 5th August 2008, at

Anonymous said...

heres a good example

"And what are you Bardia? A little poontang that never shows up on wednesdays?? I got parasites on my balls braver than you..."

what a statement! This definitely shows high intellectual calibre

btw never insulted you. Calling someone ignorant isn't considered an insult if its true =P

barmakid said...

And here's what i said afterward:

Sorry Bardia,

I really thought you were one of my friends. That's why I was being unnecessarily hostile/playful. I apologize, even though you don't talk to "shit." The whole parasites on my balls thing was an inside joke.... so anyways...

Nice try haameed. You're a natural propagandist. Maybe you should work for the IRI??

Anonymous said...

Tis so blind to think he wants to buy votes by these; he's not that kind of stupid. This is (or should I say was) the plan:
You spread the word that there are free stuff (money, coupon, food, service, fruit, ...) where Ahmadinejad is having his speech or meeting or ... . So people go there to get that stuff, and they get. BUT TV cameras and reports are there and, intentionally of course, just show and talk about the CROWD who came to see and hear "Their Beloved President". Then, whoever watch it (and don't know what actually was going on) conclude that Ahmadinejad have people's support.
But oranges, being from ISRAEL, actually made everybody, (not only those who already know him) aware of what's happening. And etc.

Azarmehr said...


Your point is right wih the oranges, it was a rent a crowd tactic. Giving cash hand outs in envelopes to journalists or suddenly increasing pesnions etc. however are his other tactics which could be categorised as buying votes.

Anonymous said...

Your phrase is brilliant