Sunday, May 16, 2010

Latest Ahmadinejad Comedy

Looks like the Western media also missed out on the comedy of what happened at today's press conference that was broadcast on IRI state media. Ahmadinejad starts his speech by reciting verses from the Koran in Arabic, the poor Iranian translator has no idea however what the Arabic verses are about and is unable to translate. The Brazilian president Lula thinks there is some technical difficulty and he is not hearing the translation. Ahmadinejad keeps asking 'No Translation?' until he twigs on at what is happening and says 'ok, don't worry about that bit' and the translation into Portuguese finally begins when Ahmadinejad starts speaking in Persian.


Winston said...

What can one say... Both are idiots.

Anonymous said...


Does AN himself speak, read or write Arabic? Does he understand what the F'k he is reciting from an ARABIC book that belongs to the followers of an illiterate ARAB and his cult?

These Taazi following a'holes throughout centuries, particularly since IR, have "persianized", invented and introduced so many Arabic based words into the Persian language that they themselves are fuckfused.

Anonymous said...

{One} can say lotta things winston. As usual you said nothing just dropping a one liner. An Iranian revolutionary guard sitting in Canada and sidelines thing for you I'd think.

SZ said...


you don't have to speak arabic to memorize a verse from the Koran. The Koran was written in what? does that mean people can't recite verses from it unless they know arabic?

Seriously, don't think to hard.

SZ said...


yes, everyone who doesn't agree with your racist world view is an idiot. I bet you are one lonely sob!

haha...countries like Brazil, and Turkey are removing themselves from under US influence.

go write on your blog you fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...


Seriously, take your own advice and don't think too hard. Then again, don't think at all. Keep memorizing the Koran.

SZ said...


who said i memorize the koran? who even said im a religous person?

if you weren't a timid fuck, you would post with your name, or at least a username, instead you post as anonymous?? must be a man of conviction.

get lost cunt.

Anonymous said...

If u weren’t a timid muthafcuker you’d post your name and show your face. Whats SZ for?? Shit Zadeh?? hahahaha

My Arab friend says u should go stick your Ajami memorized Arabic up your Shia ass … hahahaha

Fuck off asshole.

SZ said...


wow, must have hit a nerve there you asswipe. You are admonishing me for not posting with my full name, but with my initials, and you are the one posting under Anonymous??? hahahaa...fucking idiot. people like you are a dime a dozen..internet tough guys.

why don't you post your initials first you timid fuck, and then maybe you can ask others to do the same. fucking koskesh.

Your arab friend? hahaha..who gives a fuck, I doubt you have any friends period, but if you did, they probably wouldn't say much to you because you're the kid that rides the short bus to school.

Fuck off asshole.

angrysoba said...

Hello sir,

I hope you don't mind me dropping by but I wondered if you could arbitrate a dispute between me and another person on a forum here:

According to one Syd Walker, "Marg Bar..." doesn't really mean "Death to..." (although it does) but simply "Down with..."

By the way, I enjoy intermittently reading your blog.