Thursday, June 17, 2010

1953 Coup and the Screening of For Neda

I was at the screening of the documentary, For Neda, made by Anthony Thomas for HBO. The documentary was powerful and tear jerking as expected but I don't want to write about the documentary here. You can google and read commentaries and even watch the documentary yourself. What amazed me however was a question that was asked during the Q&A from Anthony Thomas and the brave Saeed Kamali Dehghan, who obtained much of the film footage from Iran.

Once again the 1953 coup was brought up! How many times have I said you can not have a meeting in this country about Iran without someone wanting to bring up the 1953 coup? Well last night was no exception again.

An apologetic woman sitting in the front, mentioned the 1953 coup and Britain's role in the overthrow of Mossadegh almost as a justification of why the regime was accusing the BBC of being involved in Neda's murder :)

As usual these know it alls forget one crucial fact. The clergy led by Ayatollah Kashani were the ones who let the thugs and hoodlums, who were in their pockets, lose on the streets to help the coup succeed. Followers of Ayatollah Kashani then hijacked power after the 1979 revolution. In other words those in power now and those who are pulling the strings of the thugs and hoodlums committing crimes on the streets today are the very ones who corroborated in the 1953 coup. The vast majority of the people in Iran, including the real victims of the 1953 coup, have got over it, so its time the apologetic British know it alls get over it too and stop making silly justifications for the wrongs of the rulers in Iran today.


Waybec said...

Yes, we can all apologise for our grandfather's mistakes and the errors committed before we were born! Deh...??? But IT'S this CURRENT regime who thrives on such deflection. It often accuses others of the atrocities it itself commits upon it's own people! And let's not forget Ahmandinejad. The greatest deflector of truth as well as his own intelligence! Any intelligence unaware of facts can be forgiven. But any intelligence who is deliberately ignorant of the facts is just a paid off cheating coward! And let's not also forget all the deflecting negatives: 'Death - death - death' to anything else that even dares criticize it - simply because Khamanei's charlatan throne has nothing positive to offer. And of course the one great thing you can count on with any relgious leader - is that they always get obscenely VERY WELL PAID just to have their hand and arse constantly kissed!

Sohrab said...


Why does the regime refuse to name even something side alley after Dr. Mossadeq? Because the mullahs despise Iran and Iranian nationalism. You should remind these naives of this fact.

Sohrab said...

Sorry again Potkin. My phone insists on correcting your name to "Potion"...

angrysoba said...

Have you read a new book about this called "Iran and the CIA: The Fall of Mosaddeq Revisited"?

Here's a review: