Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Day Neda Was Killed

This day last year, was a day that will never be forgotten by me and many other people across the world. I was monitoring what was happening in Iran and Neda's clip came up. As I was watching the clip, I remember shouting out loud 'no, no, please don't let her die'. I was hoping that the people who were attending her and the person who was putting pressure on her wound, to stop the bleeding, would manage to save her. Once I saw the blood gushing out from Neda's mouth all over her face, my loud screams of 'No, no,no' scared others in the house. Her final stare haunted me, as if asking me to do something.

I went downstairs and watched the BBC news, unbelievably the BBC said 'There have been SOME reports of shootings in Tehran'. What?? 'Some reports of shootings' in Tehran? People are being killed and they are simply guessing that there may have been 'some shooting'? Straight away I was on the phone to BBC having a go at them, 'how many Iranians must be killed before you say something?' then I rang as many people as I could and asked them to complain to the BBC too. By the evening that day, some news agencies had reported Neda's murder and I was at Aljazeera English studios, fuming and thinking that once again the murder of innocent sons and daughters of Iran will go unnoticed by the international community. I was wrong however, Neda's murder could not be suppressed by the mass media. This time there was no excuse for them. Neda's murder had damaged the Islamic Republic in the eyes of the world beyond all repair. Not even their most prolific apologists or their sophisticated lobby groups or their propaganda TV stations could salvage the regime from this. The recording of the last moments of Neda's life, turned her into a symbol of freedom. Neda was born again forever.


Waybec said...

Well as dispicable, tragic and horrifically painful as Neda's death was and STILL is - hopefully the image will still carry the bullet that eventually stops the black heart of this callous and brutal regime! Amnesty international once again repeats it's cry to arrest the perpetrator, but not while of course the machine of her murder operates to protect, fudge, excuse, deflect and even sometimes try to claim Neda as their sanctimonious own through the twisted and obscene journalism of their State run TV! OK, they may not have personally pulled the trigger, but Khamanei loaded the gun and Ahmandinejad covered up the crime scene. I know it won't bring poor Neda and others like her back. But I for one, can't wait for my once ghastly screams of horror to turn into the elated shouts of joy once I know this filthy regime all stands thoroughly humiliated and handcuffed in the dock! R.I.P Neda. But your memory and unjust death is not forgotten!

Nir Boms said...

Well said Potkin

Waybec said...

It was a bullet through poor Neda's heart. But much to the chagrin - also an image that is still slowly driving a bullet through the corrupt regime's dark heart! They may not have pulled the trigger, but Khamanei certainly loaded the gun and Ahmandinejad shamefully covered up the crime scene. If Neda's murderer is known, then we also know the two necks who should be standing up in the dock with him!

Maggie said...

The death of Neda will be the death rattle of the corrupt Khamenei grand Poohbah regime.

I pray that the people will continue with their resistance and that Neda's death will one day be avenged.