Thursday, June 10, 2010

Irish Garda Assists Mottaki's Thugs to Beat up Protesters

I wonder if this Irish Garda helping Mottaki's thugs beat up an Iranian protester is going to become a new paddy joke depicting the sheer stupidity of this idiot in uniform. I always thought the police should stand up to the criminals and protect the innocent but this paddy here not only does not stand up to Mottaki's thugs using excessive force on the Iranian protesters, he actually joins in with the criminals as the protesters are taken out and punched and kicked down the stairs.

The AP version

And more videos here:


Mehrtash said...

I saw this clip on facebook, where a SOAS student, and an Iranian (Azeri) commmented on how funny the hecklers were...I could not keep my disgust to myself and had to let them know.

People are being raped and butchered in order for the IRI authorities to successfully corrupt the international arena and spread their extremist and anti-semitic rhetoric; and these two characters benefit from a laugh.

Inaction is one thing, but to laugh at our angry and frustrated people who take a stand against the IRI personel is indescribably offensive and vexatious.

Arash said...

What's the difference between the Irish Garda and these Basiji hooligans again?

Cause as far as I can see both are intimidating and attacking Iranian free thinkers. You'd think that in Europe, the bastion of democracy, the police would be on the side of the oppressed rather than the oppressor...


Mehrtash said...


I hope this representative of the filty IRI regime has the audacity to come to London....

We all will have such a welcome ready.

Neda Mehregan said...

It is shameful for the Irish government to have allowed such a scum in and given him a platform to speak. All this at a time when hundreds of innocent people have been executed and tortured.

The way these protesters have been treated here is symbolic of the British policy towards the IR; i.e. complicit in oppressing the Iranian people.

Anonymous said...


What are you talking about? This idiot was interfering in a speech given by a government official.

Protesting in such a barbaric way doesn't do anything for your cause. In fact, it delegitimizes it more.

Police are there to keep the peace, and what your protestors were doing, was not civil, and was not peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Well you should remember guys that this is Europe we are talking about, the very fact that this criminal (Mottaki) is even invited, speaks volumes.
The dirty islamic republic spends millions of our children's money on lobbying in the EU so don't be surprised at such scenes.
We Iranians are the loneliest people in this sad world, the sooner we accept this the sooner we may find a solution for our dilemma