Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'We Will Bombard the Majlis' - Pro-Ahmadinejad Hired Thugs

Iran's fee paying Azad universities have become a profitable entity and as with other profitable enterprises, the commanding officers of the Revolutionary Guards have had their eyes on seizing control of the Azad university assets even before last year's elections began. The Revolutionary Guards want the vast assets of the Azad university to be under Ahmadinejad government's control and ownership,and for Ahmadinjead to appoint the dean and the trustees of the Azad university, but even the present hardline controlled parliament voted against this, and that was enough to enrage the puppet masters to bring out their usual hired thugs in force outside the Majlis. The thugs carried placards which condemned the Majlis and its selected filtered members for having dared to put that matter to vote, saying 'We will bombard the Majlis'!!

Bombarding the parliament of course evokes bitter historical memories of how the despot Qajar King, Mohammad Ali Shah ordered the Russian leader of the Persian Cossack Brigade, Colonel Vladimir Liakhov to bomb the Majlis and execute several leaders of the constitutional revolution back in 1908.

Is it not strange that the permit request for a peaceful silent demonstration to mark the anniversary of the election fraud last week was denied by the Interior Minster (headed by Revolutionary Guard, General Mustafa Najjar) and yet a permit was happily approved for these thugs who threatened to bomb the parliament and physically attack the Majlis members?

I just hope if they do decide to bomb the parliament, someone will tell these illiterate thugs which building is the parliament and they don't destroy the wrong building through their sheer illiterate ignorance.


Sohrab said...

Even before reading the text of your blog post I thought of the bombing of the majlis by the Qajar by the despotic Qajar potentate and Russian stooge Mammad Ali Shah!

Things don't change do they?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog, from a longtime reader. Today's entry is right on the mark, as usual.

Sincerely, Observer

Waybec said...

Well if reicarnation exists, I hope these thugs get reincarnated backwards and finally get to live the life of the barbaric stoneage where they all belong!

Anonymous said...

I actually hope they do as they say, let them go ahead and bombard this farce of a parliament!
It is not as though it were a real parliament, it is a stage where a bunch of clerics and thugs mimic democracy while slaughtering our innocent countrymen and women.
About time they (regime) start to disembowl each other I say.


SZ said...


you're an idiot. do you ever have anything substantive to say or are you just another one of these stooge expats who thinks all evil things come from Iran?

Next time, why don't you say something meaningful instead of throwing around childish insults.


Amir said...

Hold on a minute - they threatend to blow up the Majlis?

Do they have newspapers supporting these thugs? Surely their newspapers should be shut down - isn't that right SZ?

Surely their leaders should be imprisoned isn't that right SZ?

You moron, you jump at Waybec and call him an idiot. You're an idiot for supporting this disgusting hypocritical regime.

Khaak bar saret.

Arash said...

Interesting that the great Dr Mossadegh described the Majles as a "den of thieves" over half a century ago, and his description would also be appropriate today.

Honestly, if they bombarded i, I don't think it would make a difference, I don't think the "Islamic Consultative Assembly" has any legitimacy whatsoever.

The bombing of the Majles by the colonial Russians was a travesty because that Majles was our fledgling democracy...this "Majles" however is just a group of corrupt hooligans increasing their strangle hold on the Iranian people


SZ said...


you're an idiot. talking to you is like having diarrhea.

Khaak bar saret to. you're such a traitor to your country and to your people. you would rather Iran be a puppet of the west, than to be independent and able to grow.

people like you deserve a bullet in the back of the head.

If you tell me where you live, I will be in London next month for work. I would be glad to meet you and kick your sorry ass.

Amir said...

SZ - Well, there you have it. As you can't respond to the hypocrisy of your own regime you resort to the only thing you know best - threatening language and diverting attention by calling me a traitor.

I'm very willing to meet with you. Send me an email at to arrange. I can't wait - it'll be very interesting. :-)