Friday, June 11, 2010

From the Guardian Today: 'There is no God in Islamic Republic of Iran' - Former Revolutionary Guard

A two-month investigation by Guardian Films and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reveals how hundreds of members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard are defecting - in protest at what they see as a 'betrayal' by the Iranian government:


Neda Mehregan said...

Says it really. Soon this rotten and festering regime will fall; it will fall from within its core, taking with it evil men who have committed unimaginable crimes against the Iranian people.
Those who have stood by them, be warned, you will be brought to justice soon enough. Each and everyone of you will have to answer for your deeds. The blood of the innocents will not have been shed in vain. Justice will come; don't ever doubt it.

Waybec said...

The investigation film is great. It shows the cracks are slowly becoming a casym for this ungodly brutal regime. Fear is it's only weapon now left - since Khamanei and Ahmandinejad are in actual fear of their own lives from the disgruntled people. So on that black anniversary of your election day - March - March - March good decent Iranians! Khamanei's had plans to flee to Syria twice because of your previous protests! So this proves that your just and rightful cause CAN win! The regime WILL collapse if enough of you ARE brave enough to bloody March upon his murderous cheating tyrannies! Marge Bar Diktator van Azadi Irani!

Maggie said...

This was an excellent documentary.

I thank God that the photographer is safe from the regime. I will pray that he stays that way. Will remember the journalists who are in prison as well.

God bless the young people of Iran. May the green revolution finally be successful