Sunday, June 27, 2010

Roshan Muhammed Salih, is This not Attack on Property?

Imagine if you and your family were inside your home and this mob turned up outside your house, painted graffiti all over your front door and started kicking down your front door as you see in the video. You cannot even call the police, for this mob is above the law and above the police. This mob is the Supreme Leader's hired thugs. They have one mission only, to silence any dissent and to terrorise the population.

The front door they have sprayed with graffiti and are trying to kick down, is not any front door either. It belongs to Grand Ayatollah Saneii, a renowned Shiite theologian and Islamic philosopher.

I remember turning up outside Press TV's Westgate House in Hanger lane shortly after the post-election protests had begun. Mohammad Roshan Muhammed Salih and a former Iranian wrestler came out to greet me in Press TV's car park. It was just after Roshan Muhammed Salih had written his piece for Guardian's Comment is Free in which he had commented on the Islamic Republic, calling it 'a fundamentally decent government run by a fundamentally decent man'!

When Roshan Muhammad Salih and I argued about the brutal crackdown on protesters, he kept justifying the beating and killing of the innocent protesters by saying 'It was to protect public property'!

Well here you are Press TV's News Editor, Roshan Muhammed Salih, watch the above footage. Is this not an attack on public property? Why is this mob not being chased away and arrested by the Law Enforcement Forces? Will you dare to show this on Press TV, so your viewers will see the hired mob of the 'fundamentally decent man' in action?


Waybec said...

Oh course it won't get shown on Press TV. It's not happening in Gaza! And that's not to demean the people of Gaza. Merely to condemn those who cowardly refuse to report the same sort of brutal misdeeds committed against their own people! Revisionist history they call it. Only Press TV constantly revise in this dark Regime's favour as it currently happens!

Anonymous said...

Some people will justify anything to remain in a job. Lets face it who will employ Roshan other than Press TV? Its not as if he is a serious journalist.

Neda Mehregan said...

I don't know who this Muhammed Salih is but he is probably an Arab who is being paid by the Islamic Republic to run its shameful "media station!". So hardly surprising if he's calling Khamenie a "decent man"!
Funny that, it's just that from Hanger Lane, he doesn't hear nightly shouts of "Death to Khamenie" from hundreds of thousands of roof tops across Iran.

After all that is happened some people just don't want to admit the truth.