Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Common Goals of the 'Great Leader' and the 'Supreme Leader'

Whenever someone used to ask me to explain to them what is going on inside Iran, I would start by saying Islamic Republic is not North Korea, meaning the despotism is not as absolute in Iran as it is in North Korea and there are avenues for dissent and civil society within the Islamic Republic. Sadly however IRI is fast moving towards becoming an Islamic version of North Korea.

In a fringe meeting of Inter Parliamentarian Union conference in Geneva, Iran's speaker of Parliament, Ali Larijani, 'hailed staunch bilateral ties between the two 'nations!' and thanked North Korea's contributions to Iran under Kim-Il-Sung, the Great Leader' Press TV reports.

For his part, North Korean speaker Choe Thae Bok highlighted his country's full support for the Islamic Republic and the common goals the two states have.

Its obvious what the common goals of Communist North Korea that allows no worship of any religion in the country and that of the Islamic Republic which has massacred thousands of Iranian Communists are, the total subjugation of their people. Ideologies they pretend to adhere to after all are just superficial excuses to control the people.

And just what were the two doing in Geneva? So much for the strict European sanctions.


Sohrab said...

North Korea is such a bizarre country. I've been reading Bradley Martin's book _Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader_. Isn't sad that the Dear Leader, along with Chavez and Mugabe, make up the few true friends our great country has on the international stage now?

Waybec said...

Iran will never become another North Korea! Unfortunately most Korean's have been born into tyranny. But most Iranian's today I feel would never condemn their children to the same fate. Not when Khamanei's regime is now just one full of negatives - anti rhetoric and sold out morals and princibles!