Monday, July 12, 2010

Toilet Paper Export to Turkmenistan

Who said Iran's economy is not booming?? According to the news website of the Islamic Republic Consultative Assembly (Majlis), only in the first three months of this year, Iran has exported 1,164 Kilograms of toilet paper. According to another Iranian news agency ISNA, the toilet paper was exported to Turkmenistan and worth $349.

None of the reports said how such successful marketing was achieved or whether the toilet papers were exported before use or after.



Waybec said...

Well with the cesspit regime slowly sinking into the oblivion gutter, it's little wonder they now have to vaunt the success of selling bog roll!

Neda Mehregan said...

They forgot to mention that the toilet paper had Khamenei's picture printed on it. That's why they sold so many!

SZ said...

neda idiot,

still waiting for your sources about Khomeini.

let me guess, you don't have the time to post them right? Or you don't want to post them because they are so well known right?

if you're gonna make claims, at least make sure they aren't completely bullshit.

Anonymous said...

@SZ, I am pretty sure that Khomeini's picture should be recognizable on the toilet paper, especially if it has been used before!

Anonymous said...

We mean the sources on the west bringing Khomeini to power, with 160 million dollars paid to his account.