Friday, July 16, 2010

An Islamic Republic Where Chanting Allah Akbar is Considered a Crime

'Those who chanted Allah Akbar from their roof tops will be made answerable on the day of resurrection.' Hojjat-ol-Islam Ghara'ti, Head of Namaz and Zakat HQ in Mashad said on Thursday.

Words fail me to write more on this. In the early days after the 1979 Islamic revolution, they would smell your breadth in case you have drunk alcohol, now three decades on, in a state that calls itself Islamic Republic, it is a crime to chant Allah Akbar!


Gene said...

Have you got a link for this?

Waybec said...

Well look on the bright side? More people might now start shouting 'Marg bar diktator!' instead. Obviously these dusty old mullahs make it up as they go along. Eveything to shut down or shut up the perceived threats to their lucrative little comfort zones of power. As I always said, any religious leader gets paid very well just to have their pompous arses and hands kissed.