Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dissident Cleric 'I Confess, I Acted Against National Security'

'Acting Against National Security' is the most common charge against dissidents in Iran as it is in other dictatorships. Of course what is meant by 'National Security' charge against dissidents is not the security and the interests of the people but the security of the ruling clique who want to plunder the nation uninterrupted. Hojjatol-Islam, Ahmad Ghabel, is a dissident cleric who was arrested by the government agents in Iran, as he was on his way to take part in Ayatollah Montazeri's funeral. He has been temporarily released on bail after seven months and has immediately written an open letter to the Supreme Leader which boldly describes the extent of terror and tragedy in Iran's prisons:

'I confess to being guilty of having voted for Khameneii when he became the president and later in the process that helped him become the Supreme Leader. I confess to my role in what has shaped today's despotism and tyranny in the country. If I am guilty of acting against national security, then I confess my role in all this has been acting against national security.  For it has come to this point that a religious scholar like me is taken to court with my hands and feet in chains, and a hoodlum thug is the official monody singer of the Supreme Leader's court.

I saw things in Vakil Abad prison with my own eyes that had I just heard about them, I would not have believed them. In the Vakil Abad prison there is a young man whose paralysed from neck down as a result of his tortures during interrogation. In another crime, the prison refused to even accept the body of a dead person who was killed during his interrogation.

While I was in prison, we learned about a young man who was due to be hanged within three days, only to be saved when the real culprit turned up at the last minute. When he was asked why did you confess to the murder when you were not the murderer, he said 'They took me to a place and did things with me that I was ready to embrace death and confess to tens of murders to save myself from what I was made to go through'


Anonymous said...

why are you not reporting the strike by the bazzaris potkin? this is a new stage in the crubling of the dictatorship of mullahs.

Waybec said...

In summation, what were Ahmad Ghabel words: "I saw things in Vakil Abad prison with my own eyes that had I just heard about them, I would not have believed them." Sadly this view still reflects and represents a certain percentage of Iranian's who deliberately bury their head in the sand. When will this proportion of an otherwise great nation also wake up! That SS is actually Khanamanei's true initials. E.g. Stalin & Satan! POWER - POWER - POWER is his only drug! He doesn't give a damn about the people! In fact, his constant knee-jerk reactions now show that everyday he must live in bloody fear of them! And so he should! Dying peacefully of old age would be the ultimate injustice when it came to the likes of a despot like him!

Winston said...

Islamo-Nazis rule Iran these days

saggezard said...

A whole generation needs to attempt redemption as Ahmad Ghabel has tried. Perhaps then they can sleep in peace, realizing the extent of crimes they supported.