Sunday, July 04, 2010

Manifestation of International Political Arena in the World Cup by IRI's FM, Mottaki

When IRI's Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, expressed his joy by saying 'Iran's enemies' deserved to go out of the world cup, referring to USA, England and France who had been eliminated in the earlier rounds of the tournament, he did so because those who think they represent God on earth, must also claim divine intervention is on their side.

So what has happened after Mottaki's press interview on Tuesday? Brazil, one of the favourites to win the world cup, has been knocked out by Holland. Brazil voted against the sanctions.

Argentina was another favourite to win the world cup. The Argentinian manager, Diego Maradona had expressed support for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his administration, one year after the fraudulent elections and all the atrocities committed against the Iranian people, former cocaine addict, Maradona, presented Ahmadinejad with an autographed shirt. Yet Argentina was humiliated 4-0 by Germany which also voted for UN resolution 1929.

Now all is left is Holland, Germany, Spain and Uruguay. Who will Mottaki back now to prove the almighty supports the self claimed representatives of God on earth? :)

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Waybec said...

Well God favouring one thing or another is always a flawed argument. And Maradona's support of Ahmadinejad sadly typifies the kid mentality that now seems to permeate the game of football. But then again too much money and the media! There's all this superficial fixation on plastic balls, when the ball's and chains that threaten all are freedom's are largely diveted or ignored.