Monday, July 05, 2010

Iran's Motrebs

'Motreb' is one of those Arabic words imported into the Persian language which have deviated from their original Arabic meaning. In Arabic, it should mean someone who brings joy, a singer, a performer but in Iran it has a derogatory meaning. It is referred to a performer without any scruples, without any principles, someone who will perform anything for anyone as long as there is a payment. A cheap trash artist of the worst kind.

On Friday, IRI's state TV went out of its way to show a gathering of Iran's 'motrebs' with the Supreme dictator himself. One 'motreb' went even further than the rest of her cohorts in trying to flatter the Supreme dictator, responsible for the deaths of so many innocent protesters in the last year, by claiming that even though she was suffering from a 39 degree temperature, she would not have missed this chance of face to face meeting with her 'beloved Supreme Leader'. She also added how impressed she was with the Supreme Leader's supremacy  of insight and knowledge into Iranian cinema and television entertainment. The real name of this 'motreb' is Sakineh Kaboodar Ahangi but her stage name has been Parvaneh Massoumi. Below is a picture of Parvaneh Massoumi before the 1979 revolution (on the right) and how she conveniently changed her looks after the revolution!


Neda Mehregan said...

Oh my god! Is that really her in the magazine picture? That's incredible. She is not just a motreb, she is a whore!
What a disgrace to human race but then she is typical of most IR supporters.

Waybec said...

Sycophants will always pander to any despotic disease - and then cowardly plead an aberrant illness to those who eventually come along to cure it! However when the black death of Khamanei's regime is finally eradicated, those who only sanctioned the suffering can't expect nothing else but a good dose of the people's medicine!

Anonymous said...

looks like she has sucked a lot of Islami sausage these past 30 years her chin is sagging