Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finally Some Common Sense About the 1953 Coup

You only have to search my blog to see how I have been screaming about apologists and useful idiots who keep using the 1953 coup as an excuse for justifying their support for the atrocities committed by the current theocracy in Iran. How often have I come across useful idiots who no matter what the Iran related topic is, whether it is Neda's murder or Zahra Kazemi's murder, somehow think it is relevant to bring up the 1953 coup against Mossadegh. Those who read my blog will know how often I have been reminding these apologists and useful idiots that the main culprits of the 1953 coup were non other than the Iranian clergy and their army of cut throat thugs and hoodlums always at their disposal.

At last I think some common sense is finding its way through. Ray Takeyh's article in the Washington Post correctly concludes:
'American politicians have a penchant for acknowledging guilt and apologizing for past misdeeds. But responsibility for the suffocation of the Iranian peoples' democratic aspirations in the summer of 1953 lies primarily with those who went on to squash another democratic movement in the summer of 2009 -- the mullahs. It is they who should apologize to the Iranian people.'
Well done Ray Takeyh for finally knocking some sense into the issue of the 1953 coup.

More interestingly, is the recent revelation by Iran's first elected president, Banisadr, who was ousted by an impeachment signed by Ayatollah Khomeini in June 1981. In an interview with Iran-Emrooz, he reveals that the messenger cleric who received the fatwa, in support of the coup, from Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi, the Major Source of Emulation for the Shiites at the time, and passed it to Ayatollah Behbahani,  was none other than Khomeini himself. Well there you go, no wonder Ayatollah Khomeini hated Mossadegh and even the mention of his name so much! Will the apologists and useful idiots now stop justifying the regime's atrocities with the 1953 coup?


Arash said...

Someone should forward this to CASMII so they stop (ab)using Dr Mossadegh's picture on their homepage.


Winston said...

Ray Takeyeh is a regime apologist and backer.

Hidden Author said...

You've expressed admiration for the Shahs at least the Pahlavi Shahs. Does the alliance of shah and mullah change your opinion of the Pahlavis?

Azarmehr said...

@hidden author: I have expressed admiration for Reza Shah, who did so much to make Iran a secular state. What is the connection between that and teh 1953 coup??

Hidden Author said...

The Shah implemented secularism when secularism was an useful means of modernizing the power of the state. But he ran back to the mosque when faced with secular rivals as in 1953!