Monday, August 09, 2010

Galloway's Broadcast from Tehran

George Galloway's Press TV broadcast from Tehran after he attended Ahmadienjad's propaganda conference last week:


Unknown said...


It is not that I'll be surprised to hear anything from the filthy mouth of this beloved son of the Islamic revolution, but the above shows nothing but a black frame. Well, maybe it is better to let him drain into his darkness ;)

Waybec said...

Well Lord Whore-Whore strikes again! The man who's earnt lots of Profit from exploiting a Prophet! His latest slimey sycophantic stunt really is beneath contempt however! The word traior I don't bandy about lightly, but how else can you describe a man hell-bent on pubicly embracing every anti-western fanantic and democracy murdering despot in the world? Forget religion and nationality. George consistantly betrays any objective moral conscience all for the sake of his blustering ego, fundamental extremism and money!

Simon Forbes said...

If I wanted to discredit any cause I would get this clown to support it. He is totally discredited now. Pathetic.