Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Women Should and Should not Watch

More from Ahmad Khatami, Tehran's Friday Prayer Leader. This time he talks about what women can watch and can not watch and 'useful idiots' think by supporting these clerics in Iran they are 'progressive' and working for peace :)))

See exact translation of what he says below:

'The contaminated look, saws the seed of lust and this is the agent of sedition, this satellite aerial has no common ground with the religion and morality of your children, you open your eyes and see a child without a religion has been brought up in this house, boy and girl with no religion have been raised, satellite channel films, even the scientific ones are with sexual attraction, their sport programs are also with sexual attractions, their mission is nothing but to subvert the viewers, not just Iranians or Arab countries, they have the mission of subversion, so know that these satellite dishes and programs have nothing other than the subversion of religion and morality of your children, some times they say we want to watch their sports programs, see their scientific programs, these are all excuses, praise Allah, our own state TV produces the most advanced scientific programs, most advanced sports programs for our youth, just one contaminated look at a contaminated film causes them to distance themselves from the mosque and Hosseinieh, I want to emphasise that is also haram for women to watch namahram men, women do not have the right to watch a wrestling [film] that is being shown on TV, this is the stipulation of the fatwas by the sources of the emulation, they[women] are not allowed to watch swimming [films] shown on TV where male swimmers are, this is haram, these have been stipulated by grand sources of emulation, do not tell me so why does the state tv show them? well the state tv shows these but it does not mean every person is allowed to watch every program. Of course let me emphasise here that television should observe the sharia laws in its programs, we are not here to justify [wrongs] but this is the crunch of the matter, what is decreed for this woman who is watching tv when a wrestling match for youth or otherwise is shown, is she should not watch them,'


Waybec said...

Well what d'you expect from one of Khamanei's mullah mouthpieces? Just protecting his own wealth and cosy fat position with imbecilic tripe! Again it's just the idiot's veil of desperation and fear isn't it? Trying to twist anything in their favour. But ultimately just making them look like the biggest fools by treating everyone else like one! Oh humm... Just how did this reign of thug gorillas and demented chimps ever come to rule Iran??? Let's just pray that the demented animal circus ends soon!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that we should not watch is himself. He makes me really sick.. :))


Anonymous said...

The only thing that any women should refrain from watching is ANYTHING featuring these moronic dictatrial thugs. It really isn't good for anyones health.

Winston said...

I will have no problem smashing his face some day