Sunday, August 01, 2010

Now They Have Arrested Mostafaei's Father-in-Law

Never underestimate this regime's ability to shoot itself in the foot. The stoning of Sakineh story which had grabbed the headlines in the Western press was about to pass its newspaper sell by date, when the Islamic Republic's 'intelligence' agents decided to arrest Mostafaei, Sakineh's lawyer. When Mostafaei went into hiding, the regime instead embarked on one of the things it is best at, taking hostages. Mostafei's wife and his brother-in-law were taken hostages and so the Sakineh story got a new life in the Western press.

Over the weekend the regime has shot itself once more in the foot, they have now arrested Mostafaei's elder father-in-law on Saturday.

My heart in all this goes to Mostafei's six year old daughter, more than anyone else. It is her seventh birthday tomorrow. It should have been a happy occasion and a cause for celebration with friends and family around. Instead this poor little girl is now all alone with her elderly grandmother looking after her.

They told the severn year old Parmida, that her father is away seeing a client in a provincial town and her mother and uncle have gone away for a short break, but Parmida is not eating and is crying all the time. She is convinced her parents have died and they are not telling her the truth. Now she is missing her grandfather too. This talented little girl will now be scarred for the rest of her life.

Damn this regime, damn its supporters, damn those who choose to remain silent against all this evil.


winston said...

It is like the regime is digging its own grave with every move it takes...

Anonymous said...

حلیمی مدیرکل مخابرات یزد بود و خیلی ها را پاکسازی کرد و از طریق خرید زمین های بایر دکتر مرتاض برای ساخت مخابرات چندصد تومان دزدی و پورسانت گرفت . حالا اگر دستگیر شده به کیر خر - ضمناً او نوچه امامی کاشانی بود یه زمانی

Waybec said...

And Ahmandinejad has the audacity to moreorless say he'll win a moral TV debate in a one-to-one with Obama! Yes, American policy has many ills with it's brought off complicit silence with Israel and just fanning Islamic extremism by supposedly fighting it. But Ahmandinejad really must be deluded if he thinks he can grandstand from the point of the Revoluntionary Guard's and Khamanei's obscene tyrannies! Religious righteousness really does make Ahmandinejad live in Cloud cockoo land! Before he talks about having the solutions to the world's problems, perhaps he ought make a few surprise visits to Iran's insidious jails first! After all, the longer he ignores the true voices of the people, the closer he gets himself to becoming an inmate in one of them!

Abolfaz Eslami said...

Yes, I remember when I was officer in charge of Canada desk in ministry of foreign affairs, the regime imprisoned Mr. Abdolfatah Sultani because he was attorney of Ms. Zahra Kazemi.

Also when Dr. Shahram Azam escaped to Canada with some documents showing Zahara Kazemi has been tortured and raped in Evin prison, the regime claimed that Canada has abducted Dr. Shahram Azam and every day his parents and his relatives forcibly taken in front of Canadian embassy to protest and ask for returning him from Canada.
and also when I wrote some reports to President Khatami about the necessity of regime's positive respond to the request of Mr. Estefan the son of Zahra Kazemi to return the body of Ms, Zahra Kazemi to Canada, I was fired of Canada desk.