Tuesday, August 10, 2010

They Pulled My Teeth Out to Teach Me a Lesson

Ahmad Bab is a Kurdish civil activist from Marivan. He worked with various civil groups in the Iranian Kurdistan, including the environmental NGO, CHYA in Marivan.

Two years ago he organised a peaceful demonstration by 1000 unemployed workers in Marivan outside the governor's office, with their main slogan of 'Bread, Peace, Freedom'. He has never been a memebbeen in and out of Islamic Republic prisons in the last seven years for his involvement in civil activities, but this time things were different. On September 27th last year, armed agents burst into his house at night and took him away with them. His seven year old son, Karo, has suffered a stutter from the sheer fear he experienced that night ever since.

On the very same night he was taken into interrogation, one of the interrogators said to the others, "this guy will not learn his lesson, lets pull his teeth out so he learns". They tied Ahmad's hands and covered his eyes and three of them started punching and kicking him and beating him senselessly with a thick military belt. As the orgy of their violence continued, one of them pulled out a pair of pliers and started pulling his bottom teeth out. Ahmad had blood all over him, but they continued beating him, they broke his rib cage, the pain was unbearable and he couldn't even scream any more. They wanted him to confess he was connected to armed insurgents but he knew nothing about them, so they continued their treatment over the next days.

They used bastinado on Ahmad. They would start by reading verses from the Koran and then start whipping him on the sole of his feet as he laid on the floor. He says he must have suffered about 10 of these sessions. He would normally faint after 30 or so strikes. After one torture session, his feet were so swollen from the infections, they had to use a small drill to pierce his thickened soles so the infection would sip out.

Other methods of torture they used on him was hanging him by his feet upside down and then squeeze his tongue hard with the pair of pliers as he was dangling upside down from the ceiling. Several times during the interrogations he was threatened to be raped. "We will do the same with you as we did with those in Kahrizak" , but the worst was still to come, the mock execution.

After 4 months and five days, he was told "now that you will not confess, we are going to execute you." Ahmad was told to write his last will. They asked him for his last request, he said he wanted to clean himself up and they let him have a wash. They then put Ahmad on a chair and hung a rope round his neck. Even at that point they started interrogating him again for 45 minutes. Any second he was expecting someone to kick the chair from underneath him, then suddenly someone came in and asked who are you trying to execute? They said "this is Ahmad Bab, he won't learn his lesson and we have the order to hang him", but they were told by the man "No he will behave himself, bring him down". When they untied the rope, he fell on the floor, for the next half hour he could not walk or even sit up, he laid motionless on the floor. His mouth was so dry, he could not produce any saliva.

For the first four months, Ahmad had no contact with the outside world until he was told he could have visitors. When his wife came to visit him, she was detained for 5 hours. Ahmad has now escaped Iran but he wants the world to pay attention to the plight of political prisoners in Iran, especially those in the Kurdish region. He said what was happening inside Iranian prisons was a humanitarian catastrophe.

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Waybec said...

When this black regime is finally hanging it's head in the dock - they shouldn't just face court room pomp and the walls of a clean cell. They should also be made to witness a line up progression of all those they tortured. Just so's they can see the loathesome hate in people's eyes through all the hideous injuries and scars they inflicted upon humanity. Maybe then, even the most imbecillic monstrous thug will realise that their souls really are damned to hell!