Friday, August 06, 2010

When They Murdered Bakhtiar

Today is the anniversary of the murder of Shapour Bakhtiar. Killed alongside his secretary, Soroush Katibeh, by the agents of the Islamic Republic and with the collusion of Mitterand's Socialist government in France.

Bakhtiar, a long time opponent of the Shah, who had served a total of six years in the Shah's prisons, accepted his premiership in the peak of the 1979 frenzy, because he had the foresight to see the catastrophe that was about to happen in Iran. If only more people had the vision of this great Iranian secular politician.

This year France released one of his killers, who received a hero's welcome by the Islamic Republic officials.


winston said...

I never liked the French

Madeleine said...

I am French, Living in the US, I am working to help Iranian people gain their freedom.

Whomever wrote this, the French people are not the Government, we are all individuals with our own ideals.

Winston was British, France and Britain have been friendly adversaries for hundred of years.

Yet it was the French who helped the English who disobeyed their king, win a revolution which today is Called the United States.

No one can generalize the population of any country. Iran's Government is corrupt, yet its people are generous gentle people.

Sylvie Madeleine

Behzad B. said...

Thank you Potkin for writing this. Bakhtiar was a great man. May his ideals live on.