Monday, December 06, 2010

Iran Students Will Die Before They Accept Humiliation

One Day Ahead of Iran's National Student Day, a traditional time for student protests:

Death to the Dictator:


Waybec said...

So, d'you think we'll see ANY of these university protests on Press TV Potkin? HAAAAAAA...!!! With numerous universities across Tehran and Iran issuing the same consolidated statement - demanding an end to the regime's tyrannies on academia let alone the whole nation - the people's volcano continues to boil and bubble. But yet again it's the furnace of murderous pride and arrogance which will eventually engulf this sulphurous regime in flames. They already stink of brimstone after their greedy ego's were touched by Satan!

Waybec said...

P.s. So, anything on Press TV about the Iranian student's Day? NOPE! Not a dickie bird. So just think eh? This once great symbol that used to be so openly celebrated and glorified as Iran's uprising against repression, now itself ignored and put down BY repression! A heartless regime that's still doing a great job of creating a nation without a soul.