Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Iran's Students, the Bravest of Them All

Borzou Daragahi from LA Times, has made it easier for me by his well written round up of the events in Iran over the last two days. See 'IRAN: Despite crackdown, students stage anti-government protests nationwide'. The courage shown by Iran's students yesterday has shown the world, that the Green Movement is still alive and the yearning for change will not go away despite all the crackdown and all the repression. Iran's students, the bravest of them all.


Waybec said...

Let's also thank Press TV shall we? Because if I was an Iranian student I would be pretty incensed that my voice and protest was totally ignored by them! Instead of that this usual propaganda Channel for the black regime is like a rabid dog with a bone when it comes to the British student protests! 'Top Story. 'Live Feed.' 'Rolling coverage.' Oh yes they just love to drool and glorify any possible kind of anarchy in the British streets don't they? Well all Press TV and the regime are doing is still further firing up the ultimate anarchy which will come to the Iranian streets! Simply because a ever growing number of it's populace are becoming more and more enraged at being put down, threatened or totally ignored!

Winston said...

bravo, indeed

Unknown said...

Give over, Potkin.

The latest survey showed the Green movement has the support of only 26% of the population. Just because you can get some people to come out on protest does not mean that everyone else supports them.

The Iranian people speak their mind

When are you going to ever admit that Iranian can be concerned about human rights AND still support the Islamic Republic and its current leadership?

Unknown said...

Let me just say how proud I feel of British students who fight the likes of Waybec who want to deny them their rights to an affordable education . They have persevered despite intense police brutality and intimidation.

The Green Movement of Iran is dead.

The Student Movement of the UK is alive!

Boycott the BBC!
Don't pay the License Fee!
Set Britain Free!

Dariush said...

Reza, isn't quite obvious the protests in the UK are a minority of foreign conspirators and operatives of hezbollah, IRGC and enemies of the UK!!?! lol Sound familiar?!

Joking aside, i too support the student protestors in the UK. You see, we have values here, such as the freedom of protest, speech and gathering. It's refreshing to see protests go ahead in a democratic society, with no protestors being shot dead, or ran over by the authorities. Perhaps your buddies in IR could heed our example!

I'm not the slightest surprised to see your lauding and support of the protests. Why is it that you unequivocally support open protest here, but admire it's suppression in Iran?

This poll you talk of has been severely discredited, as other polls clearly show up to 86% in favour of the green movement. Despite the fear of recrimination for stating their support. The poll you speak of was conducted by operatives of IRGC and conspirators against the green movement. Sorry. You see, two can play the IR tactics!

Waybec said...

Actually my dear Reza, I sympathize very much with the British student protests as long as thugs and vandals don't hijack it JUST for the sake of violence? If I'm honest - ALL education in Britain should be free! Funded by the government. Just as the Iranianian student protests should be FREE to air on PRESS TV!
...As for your argument that the current Islamic Republic regime can be concerned about human rights, then how come the black vulture regime of Khamanei was one of the few countries who didn't attend the noble peace prize? There was just an empty chair for the recipient. Something that hasn't happened since Nazi Germany! Not even Press TV mentioned that an Iranian delegation snubbed it! But then again of course - ha - anyone with half a brain can see that Iran DOES indeed have an Islamic Gestapo overseeing everything now! And as such will have a very limited life span!
Because no matter how YOU try to square the circle to justify a tyranny Reza - it IS STILL A tyranny no matter what! And I will always support the decent spiritual, artistic, caring and rational good of the Iranian PEOPLE - of EARTH people - as opposed to those who are either brainwashed, bribed, beaten, bombed or bastardized into totally abandoning a moralistic and ethical objective opinion... Besides, consider this my dear foiling friend? At least in Britain, students are ALLOWED to pour onto the streets for the whole world to see and exploit for ANY political gain if need be... But what of Khamanei's and Ahmandinejad's dark and cowardy ego's when it comes to Iranian students having the same liberal access eh..??? Nah... Of course not! Murderous despots are always afraid! And even if there is only 26 percent of the population supporting the Greens (by your own dubious figures) How come a supposedly quarter of Iran is neither represented or allowed any voice on ANY Iranian mainstream media outlet? Surely a mere 26 percent couldn't consitite SUCH a threat could it? OR COULD IT!!!! HAAAAAA!

Waybec said...

My dear Reza. I actually support the British student cause, provided it isn't hijacked by thugs and vandals as an anarchic excuse. After all, if we didn't spend billions on war and let greedy bankers sweet talk governments, all eduction could be free by now! To echo Dariush, at least British students are allowed to pour onto the streets for the whole world to see and be politically exploited as in the case of the Iranian regime. Not even a back alley is now granted for a lone critical voice under Khamanei's black wing rule - let alone the 26 percent of the populance your own dubious figures quote!
...As for the Iranian regime being concerned about human rights, how come it was one of the few countries that didn't attend the Noble PEACE Prize Award? The recipient was just an empty seat. The first time that's happened since Nazi Germany. But then again, the current Islamic Gestapo of Iran is so much more better at empathizing with oppressive tactics rather than presenting the true face of it's people isn't it? The word 'Republic' is now a joke both in China's and Iran's mainstay title. 'Repressive' is far more apt!
...As I've said before but is always worth repeating: 'When it comes to a moral conscience, a fascist doesn't have one. A communist will ignore it. And a theocrat will always try to inmpose their own.' So no matter how much you try to square the circle to justify, deflect or excuse your own current theocratic tyranny - that supports religious fascists but also falls in with ideologically opposed communists, then yep - surely that's gotta be one of the worst kind of carpetbagging, hypocritical junta's that will WELL deserve it's future dark page in human history! And with Ahmandinejad and Khamanei playing the constant cornered mad rabid animal, we both know that page is already being written...

Unknown said...


You obviously don't remember the Poll Tax riots of 1990 or the Miners' protests in the 80s that were brutally repressed by the British police.

Likewise, you obviously don't know anything about the torture and imprisonment of republican students in Northern Ireland.

The role of foreigners in 1953, when they hired rent-a-mob to bring down Mossadegh, and in 2009 when they tried again to bring down Ahmadinejad - but failed - ,is an established fact and has been acknowledged. I suppose you think that Iranian nuclear scientists are being killed by the regime and not by foreign agents?

Btw, if you think the International Peace Institute of New York is a branch of the IRGC then you are completely delusional. It is not this poll, it is 3 others that were carefully and scientifically researched.

Show me this "86% support for the Green movement" or admit you are lying. This wouldn't be the one conducted by Sazegara, would it?

Unknown said...


You write:

I sympathize very much with the British student protests as long as thugs and vandals don't hijack it JUST for the sake of violence?

Then you must surely condemn the burning of buses, the pelting of police with rocks, looting of shops, the attack on a military compound and other seditious behavior that erupted in Tehran following the election result. This has all been videoed and is undeniable.

See, this is what you don't get. On June 15th 2009, the authorities allowed the peaceful pro-Mousavi rally to take place even though it did not have a permit.

This peaceful gathering was in stark contrast to the mindless hooliganism and violence at Ashura which Potkin and yourself sing the praises of.

You either support the rule of law or you don't.

Anonymous said...

Reza, you are like a broken record. 1953, here we go again, same old argument because you can't rationally debate the brutal killing of innocent iranians present day.

Don't try educate me about the situation in Iran. I've lived there. You evidently haven't. Too busy loving freedom and democracy, here in the UK.

Reza, even if protestors in the UK were handled brutally, does that morally oblige you to condone the same treatment in Iran?

Something doesn't quite add up, you are saying its justified in Iran but not in the UK? Usual smack talk from a religious zealot, driven by hate.