Thursday, December 02, 2010

IRI Police Priorities

Below is a glimpse of one of many savageries shown by IRI police and Law Enforcement Forces against ordinary people. Where else in the world would you find police smashing up people's cars and throwing rocks at people's homes?

Here is another one. IRI special units are seen jumping on cars and smashing them up like juvenile thugs. A man is seen lying unconscious, only one brave bystander is seen coming to his aid, while the IRI police continue with their orgy of violence and destruction:

Here is the IRI police standing by as a murder victim is left to bleed to death. Bystanders who want to help are threatened by the murderer as the two policemen stand by and watch

And today this is the latest video from Iran, where police dare not apprehend the killer for some reason. The dead body is left on the road as cars swerve past. Quite a contrast from their trigger happy, batton happy approach towards peaceful protesters last year as is blatantly evident.

The IRI police and Law Enforcement Forces seem so busy and overstretched cracking down on pro-democracy activists that they have no time to deal with day to day crimes.

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Winston said...

Only an occupational army would do this to the people under its control. Nazis did the same thing to terrorize the populace.