Sunday, December 19, 2010

Norwegian Eyewitness to the Massacre of Ashura Protesters in Iran Last Year

Norwegian student who witnessed the masacre of Ashura protesters in Iran last year, talks to amnesty international.

The Norwegian student, named as Lars, agreed to give his first interview with the media about what he experienced on 27th December, last year in Iran, when he was arrested and taken to an intersection in central Tehran.

The student's unprecedented depiction of the horror experience in Iran during December 2009, is now known through a document from the website Wikileaks alerts that VG Nett has been granted access.

Read the exclusive report in Norway's VG Nett:


Waybec said...

I don't think there are any horrors about the current regime that can surprise us now? Ashura is supposedly a symbol against oppression and tyranny eh? So it's no wonder Khamanei holed himself up and Ahmandinejad looked mute because they both know they have become THE faces of tyranny and oppression!
...And what of Press TV again eh? Forced to cover the event mainly in Beirut and Istanbal, because they couldn't dare show too much Police State or too many anti-regime marches going on in the Iranian streets below! But hey - don't worry dear viewer, here's Sheikh Nasrallah to spit out his usual schoolboy bully bile against any UN indictments instead! Ashura's now all about colonialism and Imperalism didn't you know-? Yeah right..!
Still, with Larijarni and Mottaki now openly criticising Ahmandinejad on yes - Press TV, the power struggle has obviously begun. In fact I dare say it won't be long now before all the rats start deserting the Regime's sinking sink. The cut in subsidies will bite. The people's outrage will grow. And so of course you can just imagine all the cowardly crooks starting to jostle in order to save their own worthless skins. "Hey - it wasn't me who robbed, cheated and murdered the people, it was him: Ahmandinejad! Blame him!" Well when it DOES comes to the inevitable White-wash of pointing fingers, back stabbing and looking for scape-goats, I just the hope it DOESN'T wash with the people! After all, why allow cut-throats to make surgical removals in order to save the Islamic Republic? Anyone with any sensenow knows that it's the whole body itself that has become so diseased and corrupt!

Waybec said...

P.s. Cor blimey! - So Khamanei finally pops his head up from his bunker only to protect his hubris hate mongering pal Nasrallah! 'Null and void' is how Khamanei already see's any UN indictments against his armed wing Hezbolluh... Well, of course he would wouldn't he..? Again, I'm against a lot of Israeli policy compounded by American complicit silence or interference.. My argument based purely on Humanistic and Humanitarian grounds, rather than any man-made religious nutjobs trying to square the circle. But it's clear Khamanei and Nasrallah constantly bypass their own people just to glorify, pontificate and bombastically protect their own thrones built on fear, spite and bloodshed. When it comes to being a religious leader Ohhh I say - THEY are BOTH Magnificent - Great - Supreme! ONLY because THEIR religion is undoubtedly the one they can best exploit HERE ON EARTH just to lucratively maintain their own king-like positions and black-hearted indolent arses! Sorry once again dear foes and friends for submitting two essays....