Monday, December 13, 2010

Nourizad's Heroic Stand Against the Evil Judge

I have written about Mohammad Nourizad before. Shortly after I translated his letters from prison, barbed wire and flowers, Nourizad was put before yet another kangaroo court.

The evil judge was the overweight and notorious Judge Moghisseh, who started reading Nourizad's file during his summary trial. Nourizad asked the judge 'Should you not have read my file before this court?' Moghisseh answered ' We are busy, we don't have time'.

Moghisseh then told Nourizad 'You have to prove these allegations you have made'
Nourizad knowing that this is nothing more than a show trial, where the sentence was already dictated beforehand to the judge by the intelligence ministry, replied:
'I recognise neither you nor this court'
Judge Moghisseh told the clerk to write down Nourizad's reply and then told Nourizad:
'If you don't prove your allegations you will be whipped'
Nourizad defied the judge again 'You fear the intelligence ministry, I do not recognise you as a just judge'
Moghisseh getting more irrated continued with his threats 'You pathetic creature, do you know what I will do with you?'
Nourizad remained resolute however 'Do whatever you can, one year, ten years, twenty years, life imprisonment, with each unjust sentence you issue, you fan the flames of your own hell fire'
Moghisseh answered 'You foreign lackey, I will show you. Prove to me what you have written about Abdollah Momeni and Hamzeh Karami'
Nourizad mocked the judge again 'And what if I call the interrogators here and prove it to you? Are you up to giving a judgement against them? No, you are not! for that reason I have not the slightest regard for you.'

Moghisseh 'I have hanged bigger fish than you. I have been a judge for thirty years'

It took judge Moghisseh ten seconds to hand down another further two years imprisonment for Nourizad.

Nourizad has been on hunger strike since Saturday. He said 'I want the Ashura this year to coincide with the day my corpse falls on their heads'.

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Waybec said...

'Violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children.' This is the case Christopher Hitchens made against orgainised religion in his book - God Is Not Great. NO wonder then that the current Iranian judicary flourishes so well under this above mini-bible. 'This tantrum-need' as Hitchens also called them. And tantrum certain befits Moghisseh by the sounds of it. The brats and spats of absolute power corrupting ABSOLUTELY!
...Still we can only hope that the recent spat between those two other brats Ahmandinejad and Mottaki signifies yet more divisions within the den of demonic despots! And let's hope that Nourizad's corpse does not fall on the regime's heads during Ashura. But rather a few regime heads are finally delivered up by the people instead! After all, last year, Khamanei quaked in his boots during Ashura. So you can bet his knocking knees that he'll have another plane ready to flee to Syria as the true traitor he is - just in case! Of course, if there was any true justice in this world, it would ACTUALLY be Khamanei's evil buzzard head that's falls on Ashura instead! Then maybe at last, the dark age black Chapters of Iran can be confined to the history books - instead of most Iranian people still being presently stiffled by having to live through them!