Thursday, August 18, 2005

Acting Against National Security

I don't know if anyone ever has carried out a research into the most repeatedly used charge against dissidents in dictatorships, but I am willing to wager it would be "Acting Against National Security".

When the clerics and their lackeys in Iran do their utmost to bring about charges against a dissident with no substantial justification (even according to their own criteria), it is always "Acting Against National Security" that they finally resort to. Under this pretentious charge, some of the most patriotic Iranians have been jailed and even faced execution; Judicial or extra-judicial.

The picture you see here is that of Dr. Roya Toloii. An NGO and a Human Rights Activist. The picture shows her peacefully protesting against the murder of the Iranian Kurdish youth Shwaneh Ghaderi. She is holding a simple placard asking for the murderers to be identified and tried.

Yet her charge according to the Islamic authorities is "Acting Against National Security". How does she in any way threaten national security? And in any case when did the clerics ever become interested in our national security? For they have continuously threatened Iran's national security by throwing our country from crisis to crisis. Further still, when did the word "national" ever enter their vocabulary? For the clerics have repeatedly tried to destroy our national identity and national symbols.

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