Friday, August 19, 2005

The Latest on Akbar Ganji

This is the latest information we have available on Iranian dissident Akbar Ganji. His family and his lawyers have been unable to see Ganji for more than two weeks now. The following information has been released by Ganji' doctor in the hospital, Dr. Hessam Firoozi.

Ganji entered his 70th day of hunger strike. For the last 15 days he has been in the ICU section of the hospital. Tests show serious damage to his bone marrow and his HB count has dropped drastically to 6.5. As a result of protein reduction, he is now suffering from Hypoprpteinemia and his arms and legs have swollen.

The most worrying thing about his health however is his blood infection. He has contracted bacteremia, and is currently on anti-biotics. As a result of this infection his white cell blood count is less than 2000 which shows serious damage to the bone marrow.

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