Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ball Bearing Pistols v Nuclear Weapons

Let me warn you that what you read below is not an attempt by me to be humourous in any way. It is exactly as the events have taken place.

Right on the same day as what was supposed to be the "elections" in the Islamic Republic of Iran and two weeks before the London bombings, four dissident Iranians were arrested. The leader of the group known as Forood Fooladvand was arrested in his home at 3.30 am. According to one posting on the web, this is how he was arrested:
"They broke his rib, injured his forehead, kicked him in the face, and cut both of his hands. There were at least 30 armed officers and they didn't even announce that they were the police. He thought they were the regime's agents coming to finish him off! They held him for 48 hours for questioning and searched his house. They took his computers, cells phones, anything interesting."

The news of the arrests was also covered in the Times and the Guardian. From the Guardian:,12858,1509345,00.html
" The men were said to be Iranians or part of a group opposed to Tehran.
They were not linked to any al-Qaida network nor planning terrorist attacks in the UK, anti-terrorist officials said.
Officers from the Metropolitan police's S013 anti-terrorist branch seized two of the men in a car in Barnet, in the early hours of yesterday.
They were supported by armed officers in case the men had guns.
The police did not recover any firearms, although the road was closed for some time while forensic examinations were carried out.
The operation was led by the police, with the support of MI5.
Two other men were arrested at residential addresses, and officers were searching three properties, two in Barnet and one in Finchley.
A source said they did not expect to discover any bomb-making equipment, but hoped to find computers and documents revealing the men's plans. "

Now I am no fan of this dissident group, known as Anjoman Padeshahi Iran. I have serious concerns about the super egoistic personality of their leader, and I just believe their approach is not practical to regime change in Iran, but come on they are no threat to the British public in any shape or form.

I decided to go to Paddington Green police station and enquire about the arrests. To my surprise no one at the station had heard anything about it and the receptionist didn't know where Iran was. So like a good law abiding citizen living in a democracy, I decided to write a letter to my MP.

After some correspondence, my MP finally received a letter from the Metropolitan Police Service, signed by DCI Chris Byrne, with the impressive title of International Operations Special Branch.

Here is what the letter said:
"I am unable to go into detail but can reassure you that this operation was intelligence led response to an identified threat to national security. The decision to initiate executive action was taken by the National Co-ordinator for Counter Terrorism - DAC Clarke.

It should be noted that one of those detained has been charged with an offence under the Firearms Act when found in possession of a prohibited weapon and a second male was charged with possession of an offensive weapon (ball bearing pistol)

I hope the above information assists."

The above is exactly as in the letter I received.

So after reading the letter, two questions came to my mind. Why did the Guardian article say no firearms were found? Secondly what the hell is a "ball bearing" pistol? I genuinely didn't know.

I decided to search the internet for what a "ball bearing" pistol was. I was convinced that this must be some nasty weapon capable of killing tens of innocent Londoners, after all this was an intelligence led operation. After doing a quick Google search however I nearly fell off my chair in amazement. The fucking thing was an air gun prohibited for sale to under 17s!

I have always been so supportive of the British police. I think they do an amazing job fighting the criminals. The ordinary men and women bobbies often risk their lives for the public without even carrying firearms. There have been a number of cases in the past where I have actively come out in support of the individual police officers, but this is just beyond belief.

How the fuck is a ball bearing pistol a threat to national security?? How the hell do they justify a thirty man raid on a fifty something year old man's house in such a brutal manner two weeks before the London bombings just for recovering a fucking air gun?

The Iranians have always had a conspiracy theory mentality. The timing of this "intelligence" led operation - on the day of the so-called elections in Iran - will further that mentality a long way and has really strengthened the conception of Iranians about the British support for the mullahs.

Going back to how the papers reported the event. They said the dissident group may have been planning some terrorist attacks in Iran. Even if that were true, which is not the case, what the hell does it have to do with MI5? Why should the MI5 worry about a security threat to the Islamic regime in Iran? shouldn't the MI5 worry about protecting the innocent British citizens whose taxes pay their budgets?
The African National Congress was involved in an armed struggle against the apartheid in South Africa, did the MI5 raid the houses of the ANC representatives in London?
Suppose a dissident North Korean expat group plan an armed insurgency against the repressive state of North Korea, should the British police raid them and break their ribs??

This is the final gist of it that the Western public should be made aware of. The mainstream media don't pose these questions thats why I decided to have a weblog. We have a repressive Islamic state with global ambitions and a clear intention to develop nuclear weapons and a small dissident group with a "ball bearing" pistol. So dear tax payers who do you think the Intelligence Services should target as top priority? Answers on a postcard please.


Anonymous said...

this is what i think happened. Rafsanjani in his interview with Gavin Esler gave a hint that if the uk arrest Fooladvand's group then they will give UK tips about Al-Qaedeh attacks. uk fell for it, did their part but the Ayatollahs forgot to tip the uk in return.
once again the mullahs tricked the gullible politicians in the west.

Anonymous said...

im just 16, and ive heard sooo much about foladvand im iranian and living in london for my whole life ..i watch foladvands shows all teh time.. i think to myself if the bristish think of him as a thret they would have done alot more thatn wat you have jsut said..including the fact that many british are starting hate iran... jsut the other day someone asked me where i was from and when i replied iran they thogut i was joking....theses peopelrealy dont know where iran is and if they dont know i suguset they keep there big damagoo face out of iranians business. i belive foladvand is now on the way to iran to start a reveloution.if i could i would be rather be in iran that london why stay in a coutry that dont know where iran is and that call a ball bearing pistol a wepon... well fooladvand should ahve taken that pistol shoved it up one of there asses and let it blow... i wish him the best of luck

Azarmehr said...

I am sorry to say that I think you will be disappointed. Fooladvand like Hakha will just prove to be another fraud.

Anonymous said...

i agree with azarmer it will just turn out to be another fraud.

Great post,