Saturday, August 20, 2005

Khatami's Remarks on Hojjatieh's Hold of Power

I was reading Khatami's first public post-presidency speech in Mashad. It was quite eerie to say the least. Khatami said in his speech, the Supreme Leader himself will soon become a victim of this new reign of terror and Talibanism. Hang on, I said, what is he talking about? Is he referring to Mesbah-Yazdi just as I wrote in a previous posting?!
Sure enough he was! Since I started my blog, there have only been a few visitors according to my stats and I am sure Khatami is not one of them!

As I read the speech further, it was even more startling. "We have to stand up to this new current in Iran, even if it needs victims." and then in no uncertain terms it was obvious he was referring to the tentacles of the Hojjatieh group. "Those who regarded the revolution, during Imam Khomeini's time, as a deviation, are now wavering the tools of terror and oppression. The shallow thinking traditionalists with their stone age backwardness now have a powerful organisation behind them."

There is no doubt for an Iranian who follows the events closely in Iran, which organisation and to whom Khatami was referring to. He was referring to the Hojjatieh group and their spiritual leader, Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi.

So there you go, even the timid and cautious Khatami has said it now. Ahmadi-Nejad's selection was nothing to do with his "populist election" platform of sharing the wealth with the poor, no one was even aware of any of his campaign manifesto, it was in fact a coup by the Hojjatieh group, to whom the Supreme Leader owes his Supreme appointment.

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