Saturday, August 13, 2005

I took part in the execution of my own son - Molla Hassani

Molla Hassani, the Friday sermon leader of Oroumieh is known to most Iranians because of his fiery sermons and the ridiculous statements he makes during the sermons. In fact his sermons are followed eagerly by many as a source of entertainment. A typical topic of the conversation on a Saturday is "did you hear what Hassani said in his sermon yesterday?"

Of course Hassani has no idea about the entertainment values of his sermons. In fact he is not a light hearted man at all. He is a brutal maniac, dedicated to keep the Islamic Republic at any cost, even if it means killing his own son. In his latest book of his memoirs, Hassani describes in detail how he helped the capture of his son and his execution.

Below is a translation of the relevant part of his book "...My eldest son, Rashid, fought against the Shah. He was at the Tehran University then and was arrested on a couple of occasions too. Before the revolution when he returned to Oroumieh, he would help in setting up the Friday sermons, and help the poor and the peasants in their farm work. After the revolution however he joined the Fedayeen Khalq Marxist organisation. I tried to talk him out of it several times but to no avail.

At the time I was an MP in Tehran , I heard Rashid had come to Tehran too. I found out where he was staying. I asked Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani to send a few armed units to where Rashid was staying. I didn't say my own son was involved. I said if he gives himself up, arrest him otherwise shoot to kill. Rashid was arrested and sent to Tabriz . There he was handed over to Ayatollah Mossavi Tabrizi, who appointed his son-in-law to try Rashid.

Rashid was quickly sentenced to execution. I never even got his body. I was not even upset. Even now if any of my other sons become enemies of the state I would do the same. Of course Rashid hadn't killed anyone and his crime was his thoughts. He should have been sentenced to life. But I am not bitter; no one gets everything they deserve in this world. That is why Allah has created Heaven and Hell and the judgement day. I really wanted to read Rashid's file and see exactly what he had done, but no one can find the file. I heard his judge is now ill and poor, I would like to find him and help him...."

Hassani is not the only Ayatollah who took part in the murder of their own children. Many others proudly describe how for the sake of the establishment they have sacrificed even their own flesh and blood. Some like Ayatollah Gilani who executed two of his sons do feel remorse in their old age, some like Hassani not as yet.

One day the West will realise what sort of animals came to power in Iran and how worthless they regarded human life, let’s hope it wouldn't be too late by then.

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