Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More on the Messianic Hojjatieh Sect

More and more public figures in the Islamic Republic are hinting at their unease about the clandestine Messianic Hojjatieh group, taking over all the positions of power in the Islamic Republic. See:
The Takeover of the Hojjatieh Messianic sect

After Khatami's first post-election public speech in Mashad, Feyzollah Arabsorkhi, deputy commerce minister in Khatami's cabinet, also made a timidly implicit reference to the messianic sect now in control of Iran and soon may be the nuclear weapons.

Arabsorkhi, lost two of his brothers in the Iran-Iraq war, he is to all intents and purposes a child of the revolution who has paid the price in personal sacrifices. In an interview with the official student news agency, ISNA, he said "There were those sects who opposed the establishment of an Islamic Republic at the time of revolution, however by changing their masks they crept into the key positions of power. They now have all the levers of power and propaganda in their hands."

The global dangers of this new messianic sect- the Hojjatieh sect- who are now in control of Iran and eventually the nuclear power - are alarming for all those who understand the realities of Iranian politics. Yet it was precisely the eight years of Khatami's government that allowed this sect to regroup and to reorganize their network of power and influence. Even now in the same characteristics, Khatami and members of his previous cabinet, lack the guts to face the Hojjatieh sect head on, other than implicitly referring to them in interviews.

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