Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ahmadi-Nejad's New Cabinet

I am still working on gathering more information on the members of the new cabinet proposed by the newly selected president, Ahmadi-Nejad. However some of the names I was already familiar with. One was judge Mohseni Ezheii. I had already translated the report of an incident in which judge Mohseni Ezheii had bitten a representative of the press and thrown a sugar bowl at in February last year.

At the time Mohseni Ezheii was a judge and the head of the Special Clerical Court, designated to prosecute the dissident clerics in Islamic Republic. He is also believed to be one of the masterminds of the extra-judicial killings of Iranian dissidents in the late 90s. In the new cabinet he will be in charge of the Intelligence Ministry. God help us!

Another name I recognised and remembered was Dr. Lankarani, the proposed Health Secretary. This guy is obsessed with the segregation of men and women in hospitals.
Never mind that there are currenly more than 200 reported dead from cholera in Iran and it could soon become an epidemic, the new Health Secretary has other priorities.
If he gets his way, I am sure one of his first ingenius proposals will be to make sure no female is visited by a male doctor and vice versa, even if it leads to the patient's death!

I am sure however John Simpson of the BBC and some elements in the UK FO will eventually find some moderates and cling their hopes on them!

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