Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another Voice of Dissent Silenced for Now

The dissident Ayatollah Boroujerdi who opposes mixing of religion and state and the ruling theocracy in Iran, was last night arrested with hundreds of his followers outside his house after some bloody clashes. I will write more about this when more information becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Why is the press in the west not reporting this. surely it would help to alert the muslim youth in the west who are turning into political islam?????????????????


Asher Abrams said...


Thanks for the update. Please keep us informed as things develop.

Anonymous said...

Shameful for western democracies which r quiet on this

Anonymous said...

The problem is that we in the Diaspora always think that the IRI are a bunch of headless chickens running around and do not know what they are doing. The exact opposite is true.
This evil leadership has a lot of tricks up his ABBA. No decent is allowed and if any voice of decent comes into the open, it will get dealt with in the most inhuman and brutal way.
The examples of the Dervishes and the secular Muslims of the Boroujerdi type were not the first and will not be the last voices that needed to be silenced by this lot.
This fascist regime is capable of much more violence against its own people that either me or you can comprehend.
These mullah's are a criminal lot and they must go. These mullahs are evil and they must be dealt with by the brave and the astute people of Iran. Their days are numbered and they will fall. But the Iranian Society must learn these lessons and not repeat them in the Free and democratic Iran of Future.

Anonymous said...

in German news you hear nothing about it,as nothing happened!!

Anonymous said...

دستگيری آقای کاضمينی بروجردی و طرفداران او و تحمل نکردن مذهبيونی همسان وی نشانگر ماهيت فاشيستی حکومت نکبت جمهوری اسلامی است و بار ديگر ثابت می کند که رژيمی که آخوند غير خودی را تحمل نمی کند هيچ انديشه و نظر و فعاليت دگرانديشان را تاب بر نمی دارد. آقايان و خانمهايی که دخيل بر امامزادة قانون اساسی اسلامی بسته اند و دل به تغييرات از درون داده اند، توضيح دهند که وقتی در حکومت اسلامی حتا امنيت يک آخوند غير حکومتی در معرض خطر است چه جايی برای يک انسان ليبرال و سکولار در زندگی سياسی وجود دارد؟

Anonymous said...

من این وقایع را از نزدیک دیدم خیلی وحشتناک تر از آن بود که بتوان در عکس و بیان و فیلم آورد رژیم ایران باید یک روز جواب این جنایت ها را بدهد

Unknown said...

ممنون از وبلاگ قشنگ تون
ما ايراني ها بايد حافظه ي تاريخي مان را بكار بياندازيم . اروپائيها چند قرن گذشته تجربه ي قشنگي داشتند كه آزادي و دموكراسي را برايشان به ارمغان آورد و آن چيزي نبود جز حركت اعتراضي فردي روحاني از درون كليسا بنام مارتين لوتر .به نظر من آقاي بروجردي مي تواند نقش مارتين لوتر را براي ايرانيها ايفا نمايد ، اگر جهل و تعصبات بي مورد را كنار بگذاريم متوجه مي شويم كه جامعه ي ايراني بايد از ايشان حمايت همه جانبه اي به عمل آورد .
پاينده باد ايران

Sahele.Najat said...

Ayatollah sayed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi is Ayatollah sayed Mohammad Ali Kazemeini Boroujerdi,s sons. He is Iranian,s independent religious leader and irreconcilable theorist and writer.
The permanent wish of this liberal leader is develop the social justice and international understanding , extend international cooperation and deepening the theism and respect to human rights.
For example the views of this Iranian,s religious leader about freedom , is that to describe the freedom in this manner:
The freedom is divine blessing that should not restrain it under each condition. When the individual freedom scratched the public freedom , would to be inform the rebellious person by education cases.By liberalism, improvement will come. Free thought cause of Anti-virus and clean the base of life. When we suffer from other creatures corral , how we can think about limitation and for the freedom create the prison. The freedom is in genes' man.