Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Boroujerdi Taken into Hospital

Ayatollah Boroujerdi is reported to have been taken to hospital from section 209 of the notorious Evin prison. It is not clear whether his transfer to hospital is due to a heart attack or problems arising from going on hunger strike. In the past months, two Iranian political prisoners have died under suspicious circumstances while on hunger strike.

Meanwhile, St. Andrews university is honouring Khatami for his efforts in promoting religious tolerance! later today and St. Anthony's College at Oxford University on 3rd November will give him yet another platform to spread his nonsense. Khatami will deliver a lecture to students and faculty of Oxford University entitled 'Religion and the Promotion of Democracy'!. This shameful visit is disguised as "opportunities for academic discussion" :))

Contact for further information on Khatami's lecture at Oxford University can be obtained from:

Vanessa Hack
Antonian Network and Public Relations Officer
St Antony's College
Oxford OX2 6JF

Tel: +44 (0)1865 274494
Fax: +44 (0)1865 274526
Email: dev.office@sant.ox.ac.uk

Hope Vanessa Hack and others at Oxford university who are providing this platform to Khatami can sleep well! Meanwhile two Iranians who were tortured in prison while Khatami was the president will be giving a press conference at the Foreign Press Association today between 4 and 5 pm.


Anonymous said...

I contacted Vanessa Hack today. I told her I was a campaigner for Khatami in Iran, but like so many other Iranians became very disillusioned with Khatami. I told her now I am a student in Britain and asked her if I could attend Khatami's lecture. I was refused! if this is not giving Khatami an unchallenged platform then what on earth is? -

Anonymous said...

Why is the West so weak and incompetent? Why do our diplomats not know how to barter? They should go to a bazaar in Iran and learn the art of bartering mastered by their Iranian counterparts who usually originate from a bazaar.
Ok so Khatami is in UK and he is given a platform to publicise the Islamic Republic, what have our diplomats gained in return? Will a freethinking UK academic now be able to go to Iran and publicise the cause of secular democracy in Iranian universities?

Anonymous said...

I'm appalled, disillusioned. Incompetence abound.

blank said...

This is another tragedy under the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the name of God, they capture, torture and even kill. It is a case of religious zealots professing themselves to be wise and acting like complete fools.

anonymous - sorry to hear you can not attend Khatami's lecture. Certain elements in the world are appeasing the Islamic revolutionaries and quashing voices trying to bring out the truth. Some in the world wish to cling to unrational conclusions and delusional thinking about Iranian issues.

Anonymous said...

Just as UK universities felt the shame of honouring Caucesscou and his wife some years after "honouring" them with silly doctorates, in the same way these UK academics who welcomed Khatami, will feel ashamed of honouring Khatami in years to come.