Monday, October 23, 2006

Vicious Attack on Iranian Political Prisoners

A vicious assault on political prisoners in Gowhardasht took place yesterday. The attack was carried out by ordinary criminals who are kept alongside political prisoners in Gowhardasht. They used knives and cut glass to injure the political prisoners.

Behrouz Javid Tehrani, one of the victims of this attack has had 17 stitches and many of his teeth broken. Despite his injuries he is still kept in the cell, where he fears further attacks.

In a separate incident, two students in Shiraz, Hamid Kargar and Bahador Dareh-Shoori were abducted by plain clothes agents. The two were recently expelled from university for their political activities. Their families are unaware of where they have been taken to.


blank said...

Thou Shalt Not Oppose Ahmadinejad and the mullas is the message they are sending. Do you get a feeling the Ahmadinejad is not nearly as confident and secure as he wishes to portray?

Anonymous said...

Haale Aghaye Raiesejmhour vakhimtar shodeh ast

President Ahmadinejad's increasingly disturbing mental issues
October 23, 2006

Winston said...

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