Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Students Rally to Demand Freedom of Keyvan Ansari

Several hundred students at Amir Kabir university gathered to demand the release of their student colleague, Keyvan Ansari.

They sang the student solidarity anthem, and the banned Iranian national anthem, Ey Iran.

It seems the regime is using its interrogation methods, learned from their North Korean counter parts, to force Keyvan Ansari to recant fabricated evidence against another prisoner, Moussavi Khoeini.

Keyvan Ansari was a young volunteer who took part in defending Iran against Saddam's invasion of Iran. His father was also a POW for many years.

Amir Kabir students who have taken a risk to support their imprisoned student colleague should be an example of courage to the Student Union representatives at St. Andrews, who could have joined the rest of the NUS body and demanded the release of Ahmad Batebi without taking a risk, but are too much of a coward to join a humanitarian effort.


Anonymous said...

See AI report on Dr. Keyvan Ansari

Bardia said...

how can i explain it where the pictures talk? and how can we show the voice of them?

Anonymous said...

همين نسل جوانانی را که در عکس می بينيم بساط جمهوری فاشيستی در ايران را جمع خواهند کرد. چنان کاری خواهند کرد که آخونديسم ديگر کمر راست نکند و چه خوب