Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ahmadi-Nejad's Popularity

Remember MacAakill and Tisdall's article in the Guardian? Couple of anti-American "journalists" who went to Islamic Republic of Iran, had a wonderful time, talked to Ahmadi-Nejad's childhood friend and then reported to their readers in the West that Ahmadi-Nejad enjoys a 70% approval rating?

Well here is some pictures from Ahmadi-Nejad's visit to Yazd and the number of people who greeted him despite all the rent a crowd efforts by the state:

Ahmadi-Nejad in Yazd

They say a picture is worth a thousand words :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, the love fest is over and the romance has died.

I thought the basiji aka rent-a-mob hoodlums would be more efficient than that...LOL

Rancher said...

This is similar to the North Vietnamese hoodwinking Jane Fonda got and the morons today who let Castro give them a tour of Cuba and come back to the US touting its virtues. Stalin called them useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

just a big LOL

Anonymous said...


Bardia said...

Today most people in Iran have the same idea that Ahmadinejad's group is not importent but they do not notice in this case that he has some relationship with some stupid western people of his group who are so dangerous for all people around the world.
Thank you for your exact post.
سال نو، سال پاسارگاد بر تو فرزند دلیر ایرانزمین شادمانه باد