Thursday, March 08, 2007

Decent Living Standard, Our Blatant Right

The Islamic Republic state sponsored slogan, "Nuclear Energy is Our Blatant Right" seems to be backfiring across all sections of the Iranian society. Whether its the Iranian workers demanding their unpaid wages, or Iranian women struggling against gender discrimination in Iran or Iranian teachers asking for a decent wage, they have all taken up the regime's nuclear slogan and turned it to what is really blatant, i.e. before nuclear energy, our people need and deserve a decent standard of living. In all these protests one placard holds the same message "Decent Living Standard is Our Blatant Right".

Iran is a very rich country, both in natural resources and in human skills. With some good government and good management, Iranians should enjoy a very good standard of living. But they don't! Islamic Republic, despite its fancy slogans, ranks high in corruption, drug addiction, people living below poverty line, prostitution, unemployment and other social malaise.

The events of recent days in Iran has brought about simultaneous protests by different sections of the society. It has not yet turned into critical mass, but what is encouraging is that they are not fizzling out with the first wave of arrests and crackdowns.

This is the beauty of peaceful and non-violent protest, after a while the organs of repression just can not justify why peaceful protesters, demanding basic rights, should be beaten up and arrested and after a while those who are ordered to beat and arrest the people even start sympathising with the victims.

Such movements however, need support. Both from amongst the population and outside the country. From Iranian ex-pats and from the international community.

The Left in Europe, as ever, seems to be losing the plot. Those who take part in anti-nuclear protests seem to be backing Ahmadi-Nejad for nuclear power and abandoning ordinary working Iranian people who want a decent basic minimum standard of living.

What would Marx have said if he was alive to see the European Left today? He would have kicked himself back into the grave, I am sure.


Winston said...

THIS IS A PRETTY GOOD ARTICLE by a leftist european

Anonymous said...

boycotte 300

Hanif Leylabi said...

Whilst I would welcome democratic grassroots and genuine change in Iran it's undeniable that living standards have risen significantly in Iran since the popular revolution of 1979.

Azarmehr said...

What???? This is just the kind of SWP nonsense! Whose living standard has risen since 1979? Yes the living standard of the bazaris and the mullahs have risen but the middle class is fast disappearing! The teachers are now living below poverty line Amigo!! Wake up!

So many people have to have second and third jobs just to survive!

Unempoloyment is very high amongst the youth and before 1979 we did not have unemployment. The country was full of overseas workers! You do talk shit Hanif!