Sunday, March 04, 2007

Clashes at Alameh University

Protesting Iranian students at Alameh university clashed with Baseej and security forces yesterday.
More than 700 students gathered to protest at the latest disciplinary codes issued by the school of Social Sciences at Alameh university.

Students quickly gathered and put up placards protesting at further attempts to impose an "atmosphere of Fascist control" in the university. A female student spoke to the students. She referred to recent comments by President Ahmadi-Nejad, saying that if he has dismantled the brakes in Iran's race to obtain nuclear energy, Iran's students have also dismantled the brakes in the fight for free speech and progress.

Another student said the overwhelming students in the university respect different ways of life, and the individuals rights to freedom and privacy. It is only a minority of individuals with their reactionary ways who want to impose their ways upon others. The majority therefore should resist these few who prefer to live in the dark ages. "This minority wants to intimidate us but we will resist their bullying tactics" He said amongst the cheers from other fellow students.

As the students marched towards the main gates, they started singing "Yare Dabestani", the Iranian student solidarity anthem, but the university security forces, Herasat, clashed with the students and closed the gates preventing others from joining the students.

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