Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hoder and the "useful idiots"

Shortly after our efforts to publicise the plight of arrested Iranian women activists and promoting their 1 million signature campaign, there was a couple of lines on Hoder's blog, in Persian, below a link to my post on this subject.

The translation of the two lines on his blog is:

"The participation of monarchists in women's campaign"
"Its these kinds of actions that makes movements inside Iran threaten the national security"

As usual I was happy to see Hoder write about something we had done. Whenever he gets annoyed about something we do, it means what we have done has been worthwhile. Hossein Derakhshan, aka Hoder, is the spoiled child of a wealthy Bazari member of the very conservative Islamic Coalition in Iran. His first wedding ceremony was performed by no other than the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, himself. Hoder wants to enjoy the joys and comforts of living in the West and at the same time for daddy to remain rich and wealthy in Iran, in order to support his life style.

What is Hoder's role? Simply put, to present an acceptable face of the Islamic Republic to the Western intellectuals. His mission is to show the world, that despite the Islamic Republic being a religious apartheid, with the exception of a few fine tunings here and there, its actually an ok regime!

The type that were described by Stalin, as one of my readers once pointed out, "useful idiots", is his target audience. Hoder knows how to "play the game" and win over these "useful idiots".
To "play the game", you have to be anti-American, look trendy, and justify the wrongs in the Islamic Republic by pointing the finger at the West. Once you "play the game" right, the "useful idiots" will be won over.

So why is Hoder annoyed with what we did in South Bank University? Because we told an audience, who were active in womens rights campaigns, about what was going on in Iran. We were, in fact, a mixture of Iranian monarchists and non-monarchists. We were there to tell the audience about the Iranian activists, no one promoted monarchy in Iran or otherwise, as this was not the issue on the day. Finally to suggest that by telling the world about Iranian activists who have been jailed for a peaceful protest, will "turn the movement into threatening national security" just goes to show how intellectually bankrupt, Hoder and his "useful idiots" really are :))


Winston said...

well put Azarmehr. You're a great and true freedom fighter and every one of us are proud of you.

Regarding Hoder, every one knows that he is a regime agent in disguise and he has been discredited.

Anonymous said...

با سپاس از پتکين عزيز که دردسر خواندن وبلاگ آقای"سردبير:خودم" را به جان می خرد و جور ما را می کشد و به آگاهی ما می رساند که آقای"سردبير:خودم" دگرباره چه خودشيرينی کرده است وگرنه من يکی که حال و حوصلة خواندن نوشته های آقای"سردبير:خودم" را ندارم. داوطلبانه دندانهايم را به متة دندانپزشک می سپارم ولی اعصابم را دست آقای"سردبير:خودم" نمی دهم.ـ
در اينجا تنها به دو نقل قولی که پتکين آورده است، اشاره می کنم. نخست آنکه آقای"سردبير:خودم" به شرکت هواداران پادشاهی در حرکت اعتراضی زنان اشاره کرده است. توصيه ای که به آقای"سردبير:خودم" و همپالگی های وی دارم اين است که بهتر است خود را خسته نکنند و وجود هواداران پادشاهی را به عنوان بخشی از جامعة ايران بپذيرند. آقای"سردبير:خودم" چه بخواهد و چه نخواهد هواداران پادشاهی وجود دارند و وجود خواهند داشت. به علاوه پتکين به درستی اشاره کرده است که در آن حرکت اعتراضی بحث تنها دور مسالة زنان دور می زده است و نه چيز ديگر. شايد هم آقای"سردبير:خودم" در انديشة گرفتن جزيه از هواداران پادشاهی است؟ـ
نقل قول دوم پيرامون به خطر افتادن امنيت ملی به دست حرکات اعتراضی است که در بالا به آن اشاره شده است. جالب است که هر زمان که عرصه به آقايانِ آقای"سردبير:خودم" تنگ می شود ياد امنيت ملی می افتند. کسی نيست که بپرسد که امنيت ملی ايران کجا و آخوندها و بچه آخوندها کجا؟ شايد هم آقای"سردبير:خودم" با عنوان اينکه رفسنجانی و احمدی نژاد و خامنه ای و خاتمی و ديگر تبهکاران بيست و چند سال گذشته دلمشغول امنيت ملی ايران هستند، قصد مزاح داشته است!ـ

Anonymous said...

one wonders why idiot people like HODER cares about the security of the mullahs?

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to try Hoder and likes of him in a free Iran?

Rancher said...


You could probably try him in absentia if there is a recognized Government in exile but what’s the point? I’m not sure we even tried Goebbels after WWII and this guy’s a way smaller fish. He nevertheless will have a very difficult time should Iranians ever overthrow the regime. He’ll probably be long gone, Russia or China maybe.

Anonymous said...

He is more like Khar-Dabir. What a pathetic creature...His worst punishment is being "him". He comes from a cess-pit of Akhoonds who don't care about anything else but money. He is a two-bit hustler just like all the mullahs were before they they took power.

Bardia said...

با درود بر پتکین عزیز
همانگونه که پاشای گرامی به زیبایی بیان کرده است که جور ما را شما می کشید. من که چند باری به بلاگ حسین درخشان که رفتم جز فحش و ناسزا و جملات بی سر و ته چیزی ندیدم پس، از کوزه همان برون تراود که در اوست

Anonymous said...

Well done Azarmehr and well said!

I can't believe some of the stuff this guy says... He *has* to be a regime agent.


Anonymous said...

hoder is a traitor