Sunday, March 04, 2007

Iran's Prominent Women Campaigners Arrested

Thirty seven leading Iranian women campaigners were arrested today outside the revolutionary court.

See pictures and names of the arrested women:

The gathering was in support of five other women activists who were appearing in court today for having organised previous peaceful gatherings. The five who were appearing in court today were Nooshin Khorassani, Parvin Ardalan, Shahla Entesari, Fariba Davoodi Mohajer and Soosan Tahmasbi.


Bardia said...

باز هم می گویم شرف و انسانیت زنهای ایرانی مگر، بداد این سرزمین برسد
این روزها را هرگز فراموش نخواهیم کرد

Anonymous said...

Petition for the release of women activists: