Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reza Pahlavi's Nowrooz Message to Iranians

Translated Excerpts of Reza Pahlavi's message on the occasion of Nowrooz (Persian New Year ):

. . . The Iranian New Year, Nowrooz, reminds us that no power can suppress or hold back the natural and fundamental desires of humans; whether they are in pursuit of happiness, bettering of lives, or finding sanctity and peace within the arms of law, order and freedom.. . .

Nowrooz has withstood much tumult throughout the millennia, resiliently serving as a symbol of resistance against untold assaults on our rich culture and prideful heritage.. . .

This year, however, I am deeply sorrowed over the serious and very grave circumstances facing our homeland -- to spiritedly wish you a joyous celebration of Nowrooz. We face real and unprecedented danger. Our homeland is confronted with an abyss, threatened with sanctions, violence and destruction, even partitioning, at the hands of adversaries, both domestic and foreign.. . .

The clerical regime, its principals, values and nature being the root cause of our national ills is faced with two choices: the continuation of its adventurism, reckless and rogue behavior; or, reversal of course, concession and compromise of its very principals. Unfortunately neither scenario bodes in favor of our national interests, for our national ills are deep and our problems vast -- all rooted in the nature of a regime whose end must come if we are to have a chance to renew our nation for a better future.. . .

We, as a nation, are endowed with an ancient heritage that has gifted mankind a great plenty: great statesmen, prominent leaders and pioneers in multitude of fields. The destiny of our nation should not be determined at the hands of an incompetent, corrupt and inept few. Iran and Iranians deserve better!. . .

As spring renews our day, I reaffirm my commitment to you and our homeland. Above and beyond all personal ambitions and interests we must join ranks, move forward and find our way towards the end goal.

May your new-year be victorious!

God Bless Iran


Winston said...

Well written!

Anonymous said...

I'll like to see some action.We are all fed up with nice words and messages.

Anonymous said...

Khomeini at one time also used sweet, charming words...

Like father, like son.

The Pahlavi era is over and young Reza needs to accept this reality.

Down with the Islamic Republic, down with the monarchy, long live secular democracy.

Azarmehr said...

Dear R. Farabi,

Let the Iranian people decide that. Obviously, I understand that you are not in favour of Reza Pahlavi, and you have the right to choose your stand. However lets not decide for the Iranian people.

And in any case, Reza Pahlavi, also has the right to send a greeting message to the Iranian people. He is better known to the Iranian people than you or I.

Anonymous said...


what have you and likes of you crazy people accomplished by chanting death to this or that?

get a life please!

Anonymous said...


Obviously, I would never place my own dictate above that of the Iranian populace. Whatever they vote for in the future, I will keep quiet. I give you my word on this.

The point I was making (at least in my opinion) is that the Pahlavi name is not one that brings smiles to most faces. On the contrary, it aroused deep and negative sentiments. Anyone who doesnt believe me, needs only to look at how passionately those sentiments were expressed in 1979.

The problem is, people like Reza Pahlavi do not want to look prior to 1979, they just want to assume the origin of this problem began then. Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it.

I'm afraid Reza wants to forget the past.

Anonymous said...


Your statement is so full of contradictions, that I find no need to respond to it.

Anonymous said...

آقا و يا خانم محترم فارابی،ـ
با سپاس بيکران که با دو سه خط شعار، گره سخت ايران را گشوديد و مرا نيز از نادانی و تاريکی بيرون آورديد، زيرا تا کنون نمی دانستم که راه حل ايران دموکراسی سکولار است و در عين حال نمی دانستم که اين دموکراسی سکولار چيست. اکنون می دانم که در دموکراسی سکولار آقا و يا خانم فارابی من اجازه ندارم به پادشاهی رای بدهم، زيرا که دورة آن گذشته است. بسيار سپاسگزارم از اينهمه دموکرات منشی. ولی اجازه بدهيد که نکته ای را گوشزد کنم. شاهزاده رضا پهلوی آنقدر دمکرات هست که بر خلاف شما از پيش نوع نظام آينده را تعيين نکرده، آنرا به رای عمومی پس از سرنگونی جمهوری اسلامی واگذار کرده است. ايشان و بسياری ديگر از ايرانيان اکنون تنها در فکر سرنگونی رژيم فاشيستی جمهوری اسلامی هستند، شما چطور؟ـ
ولی با اينهمه اشراف و اعتقاد به دموکراسی که در شما می يابم، بد نيست که شما به انگلستان، هلند، بلژيک، سوئد, دانمارک، نروژ، اسپانيا، و نيز در صورت امکان به ژاپن سفر بکنيد و مردم نادان آن کشورها را از مواهب دموکراسی سکولار آگاه کنيد. حيف نيست که مردم آن کشورها نادان و ناآگاه از دنيا بروند؟ـ
در پايان لازم می دانم که به نکتة ديگری از نوشتة شما اشاره کنم. و آن اين است که برخلاف شما، در نزد بسياری از ايرانيان هيچگاه گفته های آخوند خمينی نه شيرين و نه دلربا بوده است، حتا در بيست و هشت سال پيش. و جالب است که همة کسانی که زمانی از پيروان خمينی و انقلاب سياه و واپسگرايش بوده اند و مجذوب گفته های شيرين و دلربای آن مرد پليد شده بودند، اکنون زمان پادشاهی در ايران را پايان يافته می دانند. نکتة جالبی است. گمان دارم که ده سال پيش بر بسياری از آنان گفته های آخوند خاتمی نيز تاثيری شيرين و دلربا داشته است.ـ

Azarmehr said...

Dear R. Farabi,

I hope one day you meet Reza Pahlavi in person yourself. Let me tell you that no one has understood the mistakes made in the past better than Reza Pahlavi himself.

Also, does the Queen of England, for example, have to think or is responsible for what Henry VIII did?

One last point, not all the mistakes were made by the previous regime. All the opposition is equally as responsible for the mistakes that were made.

Anonymous said...

Farabi, you sound like a mullah who also want to take people to paradise and you want to make us believe that only your own version of secular democracy is good.

Please STFU. Thnx

Anonymous said...


In reflection of your ingenious logic, you sound like God who feels the need to judge me just because I have criticized a group of greedy pseudo-democrats that are intent on repeating Iran's historic mistakes.

I dont know where I mentioned 'my version' of secular democracy, especially where I said I would respect whatever decision Iranians make in the future.

Anonymous said...


I am not directly blaming R. Pahlavi for the mistakes of his father, I am only skeptical of his judgement.

You are correct about the opposition's weakness. It was their lack of organization that gave the upper hand to the Islamists.

In the end, I (personally) would like to see someone who is willing to analayze, fairly, all the mistakes that were made in the past 50 years. And in all due respect, I have not met one monarchist who is intent on doing that.

The only people I have met with a symmetrical understanding of history, are the ex-leftists since they have passed down both routes of this nightmare.

Azarmehr said...

Dear R Farabi

Like I said, I hope one day you meet with Reza Pahlavi, and like me will be convinced that he has no hang ups about the past mistakes. His focus is on the future.

Meanwhile, perhaps you can read some of his books and tell me if you reach the same conclusion or not.

Give me some examples of where you think his judgement has been wrong, and I am not saying he has never made a bad judgement. He is after all a human being like you and I.

There are some things which I think any fair person should give him credit for however.

For example he has tried his best to forget the past hatreds and bring all the opposition groups together. It is not easy to sit and work with people who at one time shouted death to your father, but he has done just that.

He should also be given credit for promoting the concept of civil disobedience and non-violent opposition, which is now adopted by most mainstream opposition in Iran.

Let me give another example of how clearly he sees his role. I was once in a meeting with him and some Iranians who had recently left Iran. One person demanded from him that he publicly condemn the Mojahedin.
His reply was "My role is not to condemn or prosecute any Iranian. My role is to promote Iran and defend Iranians and bring about unity. If anyone including Mojahedin has committed crimes, then in the future the courts should decide that and not me."

To me he is a modern day monarch similar to that of King Carlos of Spain. Frankly, from the available options I see in front of me, this is best we have.

In any case I respect your individual freedom to prefer another form of state for Iran. Just hope you make your decision based on facts and not on propaganda.

Bahramerad said...

Mr. R. Farabi
We Persians do not express opinions regarding how the Iraqi's should run their affairs, why do you as an Iraqi feel that it is your place to offer an opinion to the Persians of how they should run their affairs?
Please mind you own business (or mess) and leave the Persians alone.