Sunday, March 04, 2007

Teachers Demos in Tehran

Iran's teachers have once again gathered to protest at their falling living standards and the restrictions on what they have to teach to Iranian pupils.

28 years after the Islamic revolution that promised people free gas, electricity and housing, living standards for the ordinary people continue to fall, despite the billions of petro dollars that have been flowing in.

The notice held by one protesting teacher on the left reads

"I teach the pupils love and freedom so that the world knows our ancient culture and civilisation was all about this"

This one held by another protesting teacher says

"A human living standard is our blatant right" paraphrasing the official slogan "Nuclear energy is our blatant right".

This one complains about the lack of coverage of such protests by official state broadcasting.

See more pictures:


Anonymous said...

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Bardia said...

و براستی که آموزگاران راستین، این مردم زحمت کش هستند. دست آنها را باید بوسید و از خاک گامهایی که بر می دارند طوطیا ساخت

Anonymous said...

Thanx for your reports