Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Film Footage I Have Yet Seen From the Protests Outside IRI Embassy on 11th Feb

Can anyone identify the guests who had gone to the embassy party?

The door man looks like the same one here:

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Waybec said...

Good for them! It's difficult... I'm a Brit, but my heart does genuinely feel for any people fighting for freedoms! My UK mates look at me strangely when I burn with an aggrieved passion about the Iranian Nation! But just think..? If Iran was genuinely democratic and free - Syria and Saudi Arabia would find it harder to justify their inequality and oppressive undemocratic systems. Isreal could no longer commit it's war crimes against Palestine with America's unforgivable complicit silence? And my own UK government would find it harder to pander to imperialistic and corporate greed influences. Iran could indeed be a strong and shaming voice to others in the Middle East and the world. But not all the time the 'Dark Mullahs' and the thugs of the Revoluntionary Guard rule! For a nation that is supposedly so spiritual under Khamanei's Islam, how come I only see an otherwise intellect and extremely cultured people that is rapidly becoming so dejected, soul-less and spiritually lost?