Sunday, February 07, 2010

Islamic Republic Cultural Attaché Dinner Party

There is an inconspicuous building next to a council state in 55-57 Banner Street, EC1Y 8PX, London, which is used by the Iranian regime's 'cultural' attaché for hosting dinner parties, meetings etc. Fortunately the Green Movement supporters in London are getting more and more adept at being able to organise a protest even at a very short notice. Last Friday evening, the Green Movement supporters were alerted about a dinner party in this building and quickly gathered a team to picket outside the building while the guests attended. I went along to see what was going on as well.

See the footage below. For the benefit of the English speaking readers just a few highlights:
- The Iranian security doorman seen standing at the door is saying he knows nothing about Neda Sultan 'Multan', he claimed he was in Iran last month and nothing was going on. 'If anyone is killed, its by your lot who kill people' :))). 
He told me he had lots of businesses and he could buy ten of my kind. I reminded him that he is the one standing as a meagre doorman outside in the cold working for next to nothing. He told me he has been in the UK for 40 years, again I asked him so if he doesn't have a problem going back to Iran and supports the regime why does he live here?  

- The van that brought the food was from Behesht Restaurant, in Harrow road. If anyone had any doubt that Behesht Restaurant is operated by regime supporters they should think again.

- The Behehst Restaurant van driver was identified as a Mojtaba who came to this country as an asylum seeker. Well done useless UK Home Office again.

- And of course you can also see Press TV's Yvonne Ridley. She wouldn't miss a free dinner would she?

I have to say I felt utter contempt for the doorman who was shrugging his shoulders at what was going on in Iran. A pea brain person with no conscience who told me he would work for anyone who paid him, at least the Lebanese and the Iraqi guests who were turning up for the party were more principled people and practised what they preached.  


Your Comrade said...

Vaghtesh dar-e miresse in kermha ra naboot konim...hadta dar Landan.

Sohrab said...

The regime holds many similar events right in DC through unofficial proxy 'fooundations.' Thankfully the Department of Justice is becoming increasingly aggressive about prosecuting individuals and entities with illegal financial ties to this murderous regime.

No such vigilance on the part of HMG unfortunately.

Arash said...

Thanks for this good piece of investigation Potkin.


Neda Mehregan said...

That's cool. Thanks for exposing these wretched criminals.
I'm not surprised he was a door man, he was such an idiot.

Unfortunately London is full of these "centres" where the regime's puppets hold "events". They are well protected by Her Majesty's Government.

barmakid said...

Damn, I need to love in London.

Khamenei ghatel-e! velayatesh botel-e!

And Sohrab,

Explain to me exactly how the DOJ is
becoming "increasingly aggressive" about prosecuting these individuals?


Anonymous said...

lol. potkin jan your bikar antics never cease to amaze me.

Sohrab said...


See, e.g. the Salacious Foundation, recently indicted and its assets frozen by US Attorneys.

Also it sounds like your boss Tristan Parsi may soon have to face congressional investigation for allegedly lobbying without a license and using his 503(c) for that purpose.

Sohrab said...

My Nexus One's autocorrect feature can't handle Persian transliteration. I meant 'Aalavi' Foundation and 'Trita' Parsi.

barmakid said...


We all know about the Alavi Foundation fiasco. That's all you are referring to? Even that still has to go through the courts.


Sohrab said...

The Aalavi thing wasn't a fiasco. As I understand it, they have or are about to enter into a plea bargain with the US.

And of course, barmakid, you didn't address the ongoing congressional investigation of NIAC. Hope you aren't too with an organization alleged to have broken lobbying rules and one that has used its non-profit status to engage in political advocacy.

Anonymous said...

you da maaan, potkin jan. good work!