Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Savage Bullies in the Land of Art and Poetry

Watch this video to the end. See how the savage Special Units, totally remote from any humanity beat up a young protester. People are resigned to watch in horror until a few courageous women go to the help of the young man. Not that it makes any difference to these monsters. One of them fully geared in protective clothing and helmet and with a long truncheon does not even spare an old man. Utterly sickening bullies. When you see a regime supporter or a regime apologist, remember these images.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

Winston said...

IslamoNazis at work... This is Iran and it is 1930s all over again

Rostam Farrokhzad said...

These thugs and killers dont respect any especially not the old or women or the youth of IRAN. They are the real "Islamic Warriors" for a wage they will beat kill and rape anyone especially if the ones they beat kill and rape can not defend themselves. Anyone who see these videos must understand that Iran needs a clean end to Islamism. No one (especially none of the young) go to the mosques any more so the only question is why do we as a nation allow these group of evil Arab inspired thugs to rule over us with such vicious cruelty?

Iran will be free when all these Hezbollahi and turbaned thugs are safely behind bars where they always belonged and that include Karroubi and Mousavi.

What is Karroubi and Mousavis answer to the thousands of mothers who lost their children to the tortures and jails and execution squads that their beloved Khomeni instituted and which they oversaw for 25 years as Prime Minister and Speaker of the Parliament of this evil regime.

What are they going to say?! - we are sorry? We now know that for 25 years we were absolutely wrong and behaved and supported fascists but now we are right (to oppose the fascists) and in any case we love Imam Khomeini?

Iran must and will be domne with all these criminals and sooner than many including Potkin expect.

Waybec said...

Well the Police are supposed to protect it's people, but here in Iran now, they are obviously dispised BY the people! Even bystanders now just burn and bristle with unjust outrage. No wonder it's a Nation on the brink! Zimbabwe and North Korea may have been successful in turning their whole countries into a prison. But somehow I don't think that being in-mates will suit the will and pysche of the Irainian people. Ultimately it's the current prison guards and warders who had better watch out!

Unknown said...

ROSTAM: You could at least pick an Iranian commander who won a major battle rather than lost one.

Police brutality is far worse in America and the West than it is in Iran - do you not remember Rodney King and the savage way he was beaten?

Poktin remained silent about the murder of Ian Thomlinson on the streets of London last year when he demonstrated against the capitalist system.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Does anyone know who the young man is and what happened to him? In the video he disappears, was he rescued?

I pray he was!

These zombies are total emanations of the Lie!

Kaveh Binesh said...

Reza What the hell are you on about? The beating of Rodney King? are you serious?
I am sorry that we have to debate this on such basic grounds. The case of Rodney king was 19 years ago. It is not related to these beatings at all. Please do not even attempt to compare police cruelty in the West with Iranian. Of course any fair person condemns violence against innocent persons everywhere, but your argument is exactly like Islamic republic arguments that I have heard numerous times. They justify their cruel acts by cherry picking cruelty in other parts of the world. Imagine if a person did that, if someone started torturing individuals then tried to justify it by saying well it does happen around the world.

Furthermore, the case of Ian Thomlinson was covered extensively by British media, you know why because here in England there is such a thing as free press. Can you imagine Iranians papers condemn these violent acts and ask for prosecution of the people responsible shown in the video?
The world knows the name of Rodney King and Ian Thomlinson because the western media brought it to people attention around the world lets imagine if such events were happened in Iran. How many people were killed and beaten during these months, do we know all their names?

OK this would be Ahmadinejad first response, these cases have never occurred you don’t know were these were filmed they are indeed suspicious. Then Rodney King would have been hidden from public in some dungeon for few months then he would come on TV and say he loves the police and that he was wrong and hot-headed at the time. Ian Thomilson would just be called enemy of God at the first week or even better Press TV would show some innocent bystander or the man who took the footage and call him the killer.(Also his family would be intimidated to stay quiet, some of them might even be arrested.

Unknown said...

In the meantime, Iran supports terrorist groups like Hamas or Hizbollah

Iran Secular said...

Platform and Suggested Interim Constitution of Iran Secular :

اساسنامه و قانون اساسی پیشنهادی ایران سکولار

Sohrab said...


Two wrongs don't make a right. Even conceding that western police brutality is rampant - which it isn't since police in most democracies are subject to intense scrutiny by the judicial branches and the media - it still doesn't make a sound argument to say "police elsewhere are brutal therefore its okay for Iranian police to act brutally."