Thursday, February 11, 2010

Full Account of What Happened to Karroubi the Lion Heart This Morning

Many of Karroubi's known supporters and associates were rounded up in recent days, some were imprisoned and some were forced to make written pledges not to take part in the protests today. Karroubi himself had received such a letter. Despite all this intimidation Karroubi set out to join the protesters at Sadeghieh Sq. at 10:00 am Tehran time as he had promised. From 8:00 am this morning however there were heavy clashes between people and the repressive forces around Sadeghieh Sq. The special units kept dispersing the people but the people kept returning.

Approaching Sadeghieh Sq. Karroubi decided to get out of his car and walk the rest of the way to Sadeghieh Sq. due to heavy car traffic. Around 500 people spontaneously started walking behind Karoubi without any chanting. After they had walked for 200 metres, a large group of hired thugs and Special Units on motor bikes attacked Karroubi and the people around him using machetes, knives and truncheons. They also used tear gas and shot people with paint pellets so that the paint marks would identify them later. The clashes were very severe and lasted 4 to 5 minutes. One of Karroubi's bodyguards was hurt very badly and is in critical condition in hospital. Karroubi was finally whisked away and a car driver offered to take Karroubi away. Hired thugs then spotted the car driver and smashed his windscreen and windows but the driver put his foot down on the accelerator and managed to get away.

Karroubi's son, Ali was arrested by Law Enforcement Forces and taken to unknown location. The 72 year old Karroubi is in high spirit but has suffered burns to his face.

Long Live Karroubi the Lionheart.


Anonymous said...

This is just horrid. When a people are not allowed to protest those whose governance affects every area of their lives, it is not a free country no matter the platitudes coming from those in power. Shame!


Neda Mehregan said...

With each act of violence and treachery the Islamic Republic gets weaker and uglier.

The world knows the ritual off by heart:
Bus a load of illiterate people in from the provinces with the promise of a day out, food, drink and today shoes (pay rise!!) just to show you have some support, then get the state TV to keep showing the same footage, meanwhile, club, shoot, tear gas and arrest the peaceful demonstrators.
Yes, some celebration!! The military state has mastered this technique down to a fine art. But hopefully not for much longer.

Long live the Green Movement and the brave people of Iran.
Death to Khamenei and the bunch of cowardly and mercenary revolutionary guard terrorists.

Parvati said...

Great reporting! duly tweeted and FB'd. Also taking the opportunity to express my solidarity, concern, anger and sorrow: to see Iran's courageous opposition leaders and their families subjected to such barbarous ordeals is truly outrageous - grrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you're going a bit far with calling this mollah a lion heart?

Rostam Farrokhzad said...

Karroubi has seen the writing on the wall for the fascist Islamic Republic and he is jumping ship like the fat rat he is. Karroubi and Mousavi are part of Iran's dark black past not its future.

SZ said...

I wonder if Potkin was calling Karroubi a "Lion Heart" when he was the speaker of Parliament.

Let's face it potkin, you are against Ahmadinejad, you are sour that he won the election, and that your beloved candidates didn't win.

Funny, you call one Mullah a lion heart, and curse another...

Azarmehr said...

Yeah yeah Rostam Farokhzad and you in your closet are the liberator of Iran

Anonymous said...

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