Saturday, February 06, 2010

Footage from the Protests in Lar

There has been a lot of unrest and clashes in the southern town of Lar in the past few days. The footage is only just coming out and I just love what the crowd are chanting here:

"I won't live under despotism
 I will sacrifice my life for freedom
 Down with compromise"


Sohrab said...

Thank you for updating us -- beautiful footage!

Waybec said...

The fight for Right is spreading. I don't want to see more unjust deaths or Injuries on Feb 11th. But I do want to see millions upon millions of decent Iranians really put the scared shit up Khamanei..! It's the least him and his 'Dark Mullah' cheating and murderous regime deserves!

Winston said...

This regime has to go