Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pro-Ahmadinejad Meeting at UCL Didn't Last 10 Mins

The controversial meeting at UCL tonight to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution which was hosting Yvonne Ridley and the teenage execution supporter Professor Mohammad Moron Marandi didn't last 10 minutes. Thirty Green supporters had enough of Press TV's Yvonne Ridley's opening bullshit speech and took over the meeting room. Yvonne Ridley had to leave the room with the help of her bodyguards and the satellite connection to bring on Marandi never happened. I am waiting for the film and photos from the event tonight.

Meanwhile around 3000 Iranian expats demonstrated outside the Islamic Republic embassy in Kensington tonight. At one point the crowd surged towards the embassy, traffic came to a standstill and 9 arrests for minor offences were made.


Arash said...

Victory! A real smack in the mouth of the regime hoping to hijak 22 Bahman for its own ends.

Still, we musn't forget that if it were up to UCL, the event would have gone on, no questions asked. UCL Union will rue the day which they gave a platform to Islamic Republic stooges...

As for the Embassy protests, best I'd ever attended, soooo many people. There was a mini riot towards the end, when we surged towards the IRI Ambassador's house, but all in all, a good night.


Neda Mehregan said...

Ha ha ha! two fingers up to this Ridley woman and to UCL!!

DGR said...

Thank you greatly for the ongoing coverage.

Yvonne Ridley - a wicked hag who lauds those who massacre little children in the name of God:

The Passing of a Chechen

SZ said...


Victory??? Are you serious? you are demonstrating thousands of miles away from Iran, with a couple of hundred people showing up...and you claim victory?

What's your definition of victory? Please explain that to me.

How can you even claim victory when you haven't accomplished anything? Do you really think protesting OUTSIDE the embassy of Iran will accomplish anything INSIDE Iran?'re one delusional dissident.